Friday, February 3, 2012

Living With a Special Needs Child

I am a wife and mother of two girls.
The younger of the two is five and a half and has multiple special needs.
And she is medically fragile on top of that.
Her whole life, we have lived with no diagnosis.
Several individual problems, but no diagnosis exists for all of the conditions she has.
She has profound hearing loss, had cataracts removed at 2 weeks old, is legally blind, has multiple brain malformations and is missing a portion of the back of her brain, hip dysplasia, severe central sleep apnea, chronic respiratory illness, a heart murmur, extremely low muscle tone, shoulders and knees that dislocate all the time, a g-j tube, reflux, and the list goes on.
She's endured 19 surgeries.
Our life that we live is our version of "normal",
but I can assure you it's no "normal" most people have ever seen.

A few years back, someone shared with me a story called
"Welcome to Holland"
which really captures what it's like to be on a special needs journey.
I wanted to share that with you.

Our journey definitely got re-routed when Peyton was born.
I definitely felt the loss of many things that just won't ever be.
I carried an enormous burden for so long about what could have been.
It took me a very long time to realize that it's ridiculous to think of what could have been,
because it was never to have been!
God created Peyton just as she is.
God created Peyton for a purpose.
God chose us to raise Peyton.
God entrusted us with her care.
God didn't have another plan for Peyton.  This IS His plan for her.

And I've seen with my own eyes that this precious child has a purpose.
She is loved.
She is valued.
She doesn't know anything but to be who God intended her to be.
She is my child to care for here on earth.
She is His daughter on loan to us.
For a purpose.

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