Monday, February 27, 2012

It's The Little Things {v.5}

Last week was a really, really, really rough week.
I wrote a post the other day about taking these situations and putting on the armor of God each and every day so that we can equip ourselves to fight against the Enemy.
{note to self: should have done that this morning...I'm feeling a little grumpy today}

This weekend was busy.
Moira had a soccer game Friday night.
It was to be against a potentially fierce opponent.
It looked gloomy outside.  Then the torrential downpour came.
Yet soccer was not called off.
We left it to the last minute {and then some}
and we finally head out in the stormy weather,
commenting all along that this was insane.
We got there.
It was dark.  Chilly.  Windy.  Raining.
Game on!!
Oh.  Joy.
I guess this is the dreaded point in a sports parent's life where the child plays 
regardless of conditions.
{except for maybe in the event of lightning strikes, hurricanes, tornadoes, the apocalypse, etc.}
The ref was there.
Our team was there.
But where oh where was our opponent??
They didn't show.
I guess they figured the game would be cancelled.
It wasn't.
Come game time, there was no rain.  
None.  Not a drop.
So the ref split our team in two and they played against each other!
What a great experience for them!
They played a full game,
but every now and then he'd stop them where they were
and offer coaching points.
It was fantastic.
We don't know yet if the game will be a forfeit {as it should be}
or if it will be rescheduled.
Regardless, the girls wound up with a great practice.

On Saturday, the team had a soccer tournament.
The Carolina Cup Club Day,
which was all part of this big Carolina Cup pro series going on at the stadium.
It was a "for fun" 3v3 tournament.
Moira's team was split in two.  Each played 3 games.
The first game was actually against each other.
Moira's team lost.
The second game was against another team.
Moira's team won.
Then the third game.
Oh my.
Well, I don't even want to hazard a guess as to what the score was.
But it wasn't pretty for our girls.
Still, all in all, it was a fun day for them.
I think Moira was completely wiped out by the end though!

Saturday evening, as part of this tournament,
we had tickets for a couple of the pro games that evening.
We made it through the first half of the first game.
Just a note to my northern friends:
I realize it isn't snowing here and it isn't like a good old fashioned Canadian winter.
But cold is relative.
When it was a very surprising 75 degrees one day {a little unseasonably warm!}
followed by 40's the next...
that is cold.
It was cold and windy and we were sitting in the stands shivering.
As fun as it would have been to see the games in their entirety,
it was not to be.

What we had was a very busy, and fairly successful "3" family day!
{sadly, minus Peyton - home with the nurse}
This so rarely ever happens now.
I'm grateful for this "little thing",
which is actually a pretty big thing!

What little things made you happy this past week?
Feel free to link up!
{pictures from the day follow the link up}

Moira waiting on the sidelines

Moira hustling after the ball.

I want him on Moira's team!!

Washington D.C. vs Chicago

Shivering in the stands
{yes, I made the cowl I'm wearing}

Silly Moira

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