Monday, February 6, 2012

It's The Little Things {v 2}

I've written a few posts lately that pertain to Peyton,
so in fairness, I am writing this one to brag on Moira just a little bit!

She is in a new soccer league.  She has the same coach as her last two seasons, but she's now playing in a different league and is at the U9 level instead of U8.  The advantage to this new league is that there is an affiliation with the Charleston Battery, which is a local pro soccer team.  This evening, Moira's division got to practice at the Battery stadium {conveniently located right next door to Ron's work, which is about five minutes from home} with her coach as well as three people from the Battery.  I don't know that they are current players, but they are real players.  Wait...that kind of sounds bad.  They are real soccer players.

It was so awesome to see Moira doing technical drills with her teammates under the direction of some "real live soccer players".  Moira {nor I} would have had a clue who they were if it weren't for this practice but she was looking just a little star-struck to be coached by someone potentially famous.

I just loved watching her practice tonight.  She definitely had a lot of fun.
I am so proud of her!

Cainhoy Athletic Dynamite with the team coach {former coach of Moira's former team the Sweet Kickers} on the field of the Charleston Battery stadium.
The Dynamite, some girls from the other teams, the coaches, and one of the "real" players {in black}.

The Dynamite getting some instructions from the Battery coach/player.

The Dynamite being instructed by not one, but two, "real" players {guy in back left, the arm in the front right}.
Do you think Moira looks excited??  {she's in blue with the polka dot socks}

The girls from the different teams were paired up and in one big square in the middle of the field.  The three "real" coaches went around with their clipboards instructing and coaching all the girls.  They were getting some baseline information on the various techniques they were being drilled on.

You can see the three "real" coaches in this picture {the three guys in black}.

And a fun time was had by all!

This is one of those little things in life that makes me happy right now.
How 'bout you??

I am considering starting a Monday linky party called
It's The Little Things - Monday
where you can link up your posts {like this one} where you share with us something that you or a family member did, or something that you saw, or made, or thought that just made you happy.  

Sometimes it's just the little things in life that make you smile.

What do you think?  Linky yes or no??

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