Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday 10 - Holiday Fun

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Today I wanted to share with you ten random things from the holiday season which I just loved this year.
In no particular order - here goes!

1.  The many zany antics of our elf on the shelf.

2.  A lovely handmade gingerbread house, courtesy of Moira, my 7 year old. 

3.  Whipping up a few batches of my favorite holiday treat - Scottish Shortbread 

4.  Our annual rose bouquet in remembrance of our son who was stillborn and the baby I miscarried later

5.  A surprise in the form of a lovely hair clip from a friend from church 

6.  Singing in the worship choir at church through SIX services! 

7.   An already well-utilized new kitchen appliance

8.  The innocence and wonderment of a child at Christmas

9.  New shoes for Moira and I

10.  The gift of family and celebrating the reason for the season - the birth of our savior 



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