Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday 10 - Family Trips v1

Our little family loves road trips.
Well, we did.  We still do.
But it's just not really possible to do now.
Peyton requires too much equipment and too much care
to reasonably expect to take a family vacation.

That thought's a little depressing.
And I would so love a vacation right now.
So I thought I'd take a look back at some of our great family trips.
{"family" as it started in 2004 after Moira was born!}

Here are ten memories from a trip we took at the end of August / early September 2004.  We flew up to Toronto, Ontario and rented a car.  We then traveled to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario {where I grew up}.  Along the way, we spent some time in London, Ontario {where my sister lives and where I went to university}.  When we left my family, we road tripped about 10 hours from Sault Ste. Marie to Ottawa, Ontario {the nation's capital} and then onward to Montreal, Quebec before heading back to Toronto to return home.  Home, at that time, was Houston, Texas.  Moira was 5 and a half months old.

1.  Moira spent some quality time with Granny and Grandpa.

2. Moira got to meet a lot of family for the first time.  Here, she is pictured with my cousin, Norman {her godfather} and his daughter, Laura.  Laura was our flower girl at our wedding in 2000 and she is now in her first year of university in Ottawa.  I feel old.

3.  Granny giving Moira a bath in the kitchen sink.  How cute is that face?!?!

4.  In London, Ontario, Moira got to meet her Aunt Jeannette {my sister}, Uncle Mike and her big cousin John.  Cousins Ted and Grace have since followed.

5.  The Parliament Building in Ottawa.  Truly a stunningly beautiful building.  The area around here is, beautiful.  We stayed at the Lord Elgin Hotel nearby.

6.  Moira and I at the Centennial Flame located in front of the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill.

7.  Moira enjoying her stay at the Lord Elgin Hotel.
{Interesting fact: Moira learned now to get up on her hands and knees while in Sault Ste. Marie on this trip - and it was caught on camera during a photo shoot with our wedding photographer!}

8a.  In Montreal, Quebec, we took in a Montreal Expos baseball game.  I believe the following year, that team relocated and became the Washington Nationals (D.C.)

8b. Moira enjoying her first baseball game at Olympic Stadium in Montreal.
{I think the ladies next to us were enjoying it being her first game as well!}

9.  We visited St. Joseph Oratory in Montreal.

10.  All good things must come to an end.  Moira sleeping with Daddy while waiting for our flight at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.


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