Monday, January 30, 2012

Throughout All Generations

Over the past few weeks, our church did a series called "Immeasurable".  During this series, the pastor pulled apart Ephesians 3:20-21, which is a verse that is said as a blessing at the end of each service.

The series ended this past weekend with the unpacking of "throughout all generations, forever and ever!"  The message was incredibly powerful.  Our pastor gave us some incredible statistics about that the church means within the family experience.  This hit hard:

photo courtesy of Ron Fontenot
What is this statistic referring to?
Our pastor first told us that if a child in the family is the first to come to Christ, then there is only a 3.5% chance that the rest of the family will follow suit.  If the mother is first, then it jumps to 17.5%.
If the father is first in the household to come to Christ, there's a 93% chance everyone else will follow!

The influence of the father in the household is so incredibly important if we want to impact the next generation of Christ-followers!  Imagine the pressure that puts on a single mom!

One of the things that was discussed in the message is the fact that children cannot catch the "bug" if the parents aren't "contagious".  That is to say, if the parents are not actively living out their faith modeling for their children, the children aren't going to go after it themselves.

This is a real challenge!

Between the message and a meeting that Ron and I attended yesterday, we are really being challenged to ensure that we raise up the next generation within our home.  It is our primary responsibility to ensure that our faith is carried on - not the church's responsibility.  They supplement what we teach at home - not the other way around.  If our children learn from our example, then it is really important to take stock of how and what you are modeling to your children.

What are your biggest challenges raising a child in a Christian home?
What sorts of things do you do that perhaps set you apart from others you know so that you are ensuring the growth of your child's faith?
How do you feed your children spiritually?  That is, how are you fulfilling those needs?
What sorts of resources do you use within your home to create a truly Christian home environment worthy of passing on to the next generation?

I would love to dig into this topic.  It's very much on my mind right now.

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