Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things I Love - Moira

I found another link up to join!  
So excited to be branching out a bit to meet more wonderful people!

I wanted to share a bit about something {someONE} I love...
my little 7 year old, Moira.

She's almost 8 {in March}.
She's fiercely independent.
She is the chattiest person you will EVER meet.
{I cannot emphasize that enough!}
She is super smart.
She loves reading.
She has an incredible imagination.
She loves  her "baby" sister Peyton {she's 5}.
She thinks about things differently - probably because she has a sister who, for all her life, has been special needs, medically fragile, and has undergone a battery of testing, surgeries, therapies, and so on.
She cares for people in a way that only someone in her situation could.

She's also often left behind or left out because of issues revolving solely around Peyton.
I hate to say she's ignored - but I'm sure she must feel like it at times.
She's often left to her own devices because everyone's busy with Peyton.
She's sometimes cut-off in conversation because something suddenly came up with Peyton.
She sometimes has to wait for things - fed, getting attention, playing - because of Peyton.

Trust me.
I feel like the most horrible mom on the planet sometimes.
Because Moira's needs are often secondary to Peyton's.
It is so difficult parenting in this situation.
It's like raising two "only children."

But I love Moira so deeply.
She was our first living child {2004} after a stillborn son {2001) and a miscarriage {2003}.
She was spoiled beyond belief for those first couple years - and still is at times!
I love her for loving her sister so much.
I love her for loving her brother who she never know - a brother she speaks of often - 
in curiosity and in sadness.

We set up a little blog for Moira {it's not public at all}.
It's just a place where she can go to write things if she wants.
Only we see it.
She wrote this last night.

I love Moira for still loving me no matter what.

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