Monday, January 2, 2012

A One Year Plan

Last year I began a challenge.
A challenge I vowed to complete...this time.
The year before, I began the same challenge...
and failed.
I completed the challenge on December 31st.

On January 1st,
I began the challenge all over again.


If you have never done it, this is something you can do at any time,
but since it's a brand new year, why not resolve to challenge yourself with this!
After completing this challenge, I was very pleased that I had done so,
but the challenge itself brought fulfillment for an entire year.

I did the Chronological bible study plan on YouVersion last year.
Go to that link - there are so many plans to choose from!
This year, I am doing the One Year Bible plan.  I wanted to change it up a bit.

I'm not going to lie - if you haven't done this before, the first weeks may be a bit challenge.
Stick with it.
Especially in the early books of the bible where it gets bogged down in ancestry.
There was a lot in the early weeks that I really struggled to get through.
But I did.
I prayed for patience, wisdom and God's guidance to see me through.

I'm involved in a "Daily Wisdom Challenge" through my church,
whereby we read form our selected plan, and post our insight "twitter-style"
{that is, in 140 characters or less}
on our social media outlets and on our pastor's facebook page.

It was encouraging to see many of the same people persevered to the end of their plans last year
and some have started new ones already this year!

So, that's my encouragement for you today.
Immerse yourself in scripture - even if only a few verses a day.
Get in a reading plan.
Pray about it.
Pray for the endurance to make it through your plan, no matter how long of a plan you choose!
Be with God in His Word.

It'll change your life!

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