Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Journal Swap!

I recently participated in a journal swap over at Aleks Handmade.
Participants were assigned a person to create a handmade journal for.
I knew who I was making my journal for but I did not know who I would be receiving a journal from!

I was blessed to be the recipient of an awesome journal from
Bekah who blogs over at

The Rainbows and Sunshine Project
Here's a peek at my new journal - which I am excited to say I am already using!!

Bekah gave me this awesomely cute journal,
a beautiful lace and pearl bookmark,
and a cute crochet pin!

Bekah said she was going to decorate it but the journal was so great as it was!
And it is!
Are these pages not adorable??

Thank you, Aleks, for hosting this journal swap
and thank you so much, Bekah, for such an awesome journal!!
I love that I'm already using it and I can't wait to fill it up with all the ideas running around my brain!

aleks handmade

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