Friday, January 6, 2012

Daniel Fast - 2012

This Sunday, January 8th, our church is banding together in a 21 day fast.
It's not mandatory, but it is encouraged.
We're joining together with hundreds of churches around the country 
- even around the world -
in a period of fasting and prayer.
It's the fourth year in a row that our church has been involved in this and
the second year Ron and I have.

It's part of a movement based on the book Awakening
by Pastor Stovall Weems of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL.
Pastor Stovall came to speak to our church at our January 2011 First Wednesday service.
We were so inspired by what he shared that we joined in for this time of fasting last year.
This week we had our First Wednesday service and our pastor shared a message about fasting.
If you visit the site for Awakening, you will see that the official start isn't until January 15th.
We're getting a jump on the fast.

If you follow the link for the Awakening fast, you will find an enormous amount of information on the fast.
Each day during the fast last year, they had reading material for that particular day.
They had videos a few times a day with various different pastors giving brief messages on fasting - our pastor even did one of those messages!
You can search the site for information on what fasting is all about.

Last year, we had the opportunity to purchase Pastor Stovall's book

and meet him to have him sign our copy.  He inscribed Matthew 6:33 inside.
Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Fasting is a time of eliminating something from your life - typically food.
Eliminating "indulgences" if you will.
Humbling yourself so that you can use your time to spend in prayer and with the Lord.
It is an opportunity to draw closer to Him.
To seek Him.
To gain wisdom and insight from Him.
To possible hear Him speak to you.
Above all else, your time is to be spent in the Lord so that you might draw closer and know His will for you.

So what do you fast?
There's all types of fasting - food, things, "indulgent" treats, etc.
We are going to be following the Daniel Fast as we did last year.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

We abstained from eating meat for 21 days.
We did not drink milk.
We ate the foods that were deemed acceptable within a "Daniel Fast".

Here are some pins of acceptable meals.
They're actually my own pictures, which I pinned, so when you click them, they should route you to the blog posts I wrote about the recipes last year!

That's a lot of info to take in for now.
If you want to join in with me on this time of fasting and, that would be amazingly awesome!
I am really looking forward to this time with the Lord.
I'll still be blogging, but I'm going to try to place some limits on my social networking.
If you don't see me around as much, no, I haven't disappeared!
If you do...maybe you need to send me a friendly reminder that I should be backing down a little!! :)


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