Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Danger in a Fast

It's Day 11 of my 21 day fast.
I have to tell's not always easy.

I'm going to share one of the "dangers" of fasting that I've discovered.

During this time of fasting, my heart and my mind is supposed to be fixed on God like never before.
It's a time where I'm giving more of myself to Him.
I'm creating a larger space in my life for Him so that He can enter it and fill it.
I'm supposed to be ridding myself of various mental clutter to make room for Him.

Here's the thing...

Have you ever noticed:
In moments where you're most willing to give more of yourself to Him, that things happen?
Just when you want to surrender yourself to the Lord, you find your mind filled with thoughts that have nothing to do with that purpose in your life?
Life events happen which make it seemingly impossible to keep the focus of your fast?
Arguments with your spouse erupt at a time when you're focus of prayer is on that specific relationship?
Financial hardships happen when that may be your focus of prayer?

Stuff happens.
And it serves to try to tear you away from what your primary spiritual focus is meant to be during the fast.
It seems out of your control, but there it is.

I believe that this happens because I believe that there are two sides vying for your attention.
I believe that God desires your heart and He desires that you surrender yourself and abide in Him.
That's what I want in my life.
But then there's the enemy.
I often hear this term - the enemy.
It's a force that is not of God at all.
Satan, if you will.
It is a very powerful force.
There is nothing that the enemy wants more than to destroy the relationship you are building with God.

There may seem to be an attack on the fasting experience.
It is frustrating and can be downright depressing.
Because the last thing you want during this time is to feel like you're becoming further from God.

Hold strong in your faith!
Do not give up.
Do not give in to these powerful forces at work.
Trust in God above all else.
Hang in there.  Do not give up on the focus of your fast.
Cry out to God even more - He will give you the strength to power through.


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