Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chosen - Part 3

Last Thursday and Friday I had an opportunity to attend the Chosen women's conference at our church.
It was absolutely amazing!
You can read parts 1 and 2 here and here.

"The spirit of the Lord God is on me, because the Lord has chosen me to bring good news ot poor people.  He has sent me to heal those with a sad heart.  He has sent me to tell those who are being held and those in prison that they can go free."  (Isaiah 61:1 NLV)

In Rally Three, we were blessed to hear from Jo Saxton, a director of the discipling ministry 3DM.  She was an absolutely amazing woman to listen to.  Her story was so powerful and life changing.

Jo shared the story of Jesus washing his disciples feet from John 13:1-17.  She put the story into perspective for us.  She had us imagine the scene - how filthy people's feet would have been in those days from walking on dusty dirty roads, from walking off the beaten path, from the filth that probably lay in the streets, and so on.  Imagine how filthy those feet were.  Now picture Jesus and who he was.  The task of washing people's feet rested with the servants - not with someone the likes of our Lord and savior.  Yet he humbled himself and placed himself in the position of a servant to his closest friends and followers.  It's a powerful image.

Saxton made three points about this scenario and what it means for us today.

1.  God wants to wash our feet.
2.  He wants us to wash each other's feet.
3.  There is a call on us to wash the world's feet.
{Jo Saxton}

I could never put her message into writing as powerfully as she delivered it that day, but these three statements were broken down for us and, boy, was it powerful!  This is what I took away from her message.

"God wants to wash our feet."
Simply put - God desires that we come to him hurt, wounded, and broken, and allow Him to cleanse us of the filth that we've picked up in our daily travels.  He wants to wash away all of our brokenness and make us whole again.  He desires that so much.  Won't you trust Him to cleanse your feet??

"He wants us to wash each other's feet."
As Jo said, "Do we wash one another's feet as a community or do we stamp on them?"  She spoke about all the ways in which we hold ourselves up to some standard that just isn't realistic.  We compare and compete with others all the time.  That is not what God desires for us.  He made each of us uniquely so that we might each uniquely serve Him and do His will here on earth.  We need to break out of this pattern that only holds us down.  We need to reconcile with others.  We need to believe that we are each worthy individuals.  We need to stop labeling people and just "allow one another to wash our wounds.  Do you have accountable friends?  Friends who you can be real with?  Are you cultivating them?  Will you wash the feet of a younger generation?"

"There is a call on us to wash the world's feet."
Who do we encounter in our everyday?  Imagine the endless possibilities of people who we could be ministering to!  God is calling us to wash their feet as well.  We need to be a people that "builds up and doesn't tear down."  Above all, we need to ask God for grave, for dignity, and for strength so that we can go out into the world and minister.

This is all a part of The Great Commission.

Are you allowing God to wash your feet?
Are you washing the feet of your neighbor?
Are you prepared to wash the feet of the world?

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