Friday, January 13, 2012

21 Days to Organization - Day 5

This week I began a 21 day organization challenge which I found on Pinterest.
On Day 1, I showed you how I cleaned out my junk drawer...and the rest of my kitchen drawers.
On Day 2, I showed you how I cleaned up Moira's computer desk area.
On Day 3, it was the dreaded Tupperware cupboards!
On Day 4, I tackled the cabinets under the linen closet {kind of}.


Ok, so today was supposed to have been the post where I organized under the kitchen sink.  Well, you know what?  I didn't feel like it!  What did get my attention was the cabinet to the right of our over-the-stove-mounted-microwave.  This cabinet contains a lot of baking supplies and spices.  It desperately needed attention.  That's what I did instead.  Don't worry, the cabinets under the sink will get done!!

So, this is it.  A whole lot of stuff.  None of it is easily accessible, really.

Given the nature of the contents, this was a keep or toss kind of project.
I threw away bottles of spices that expired in 2006.  I wrote up a grocery list of items to buy to replace what I had thrown out.  Here are the results, shelf by shelf.
{and, yes, I do have an actual spice rack hanging on the wall with the usual assortment of spices, but it's pretty neat and up to date already}

The bottom shelf is stuff that is used more frequently.  I used some of those Tupperware containers from the other day to store some items such as steel cut oats, salt, baking soda, and cocoa.  It's a lot of stuff on one shelf, but it is neat and orderly now.
 The next-to-bottom shelf has always housed the sugar in this big Tupperware container, but there was always a lot of other stuff piled in there as well.  I brought the flour container down from the next shelf up.  It didn't make sense up there.
 Heading up one more shelf, I brought out some more of those containers from the other day and put away coconut and popcorn that were in bags.  They are now sealed in stackable containers.  I always had those two tall containers - they contain sprinkles, cupcake papers, and the like.  I had lots of "little" things like food coloring bottles out on the shelf, which happened to fit nicely in the containers.  Neatens up that area a lot.
 And for the top shelf...
These are the least used items.  Cake decorating stuff and a big container.  Sadly, it does not contain Tim Hortons coffee grounds, but rather some baking supplies.
 There you have it!

I  hesitate to say what's up next since I changed my mind for today's challenge.  Maybe I'll revisit the kitchen cabinet under the sink....


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