Thursday, January 12, 2012

21 Days to Organization - Day 4

This week I began a 21 day organization challenge which I found on Pinterest.
On Day 1, I showed you how I cleaned out my junk drawer...and the rest of my kitchen drawers.
On Day 2, I showed you how I cleaned up Moira's computer desk area.
On Day 3, it was the dreaded Tupperware cupboards!
I was totally exhausted and had incredibly sore muscles I didn't know I had after day 3, so I was very pleased to see the next challenge...


Ok, so the original challenge posted on the other blog was really for a true, dedicated linen closet.  Well, we have a 1,300ish sf apartment and we don't have a true linen closet.  I take that back, there is a linen closet in the master bath, but it is actually a storage closet since we are extremely limited on storage space here.  There's another linen closet in the girls' bathroom, but with all of Peyton's medical supplies, that closet is a medical supply closet / linen closet.  I opted to do the under-sink bathroom cabinets in the master bathroom as my "linen closet".  Sorry to disappoint!

This is Peyton's medical supply closet.  There's nothing I can do about it really.  Trust me, I go through everything {even the linens} with a fair amount of regularity.

On to those bathroom cabinets...{and drawers} 
Drawer #1

{note: I need to get Ron to go through that razor collection...}

Drawer #2


Drawer #3


Once I had given the drawers some semblance of order, I moved on to the cupboards.
First, the left side.  It houses miscellaneous stuff.  One of the bins is an assortment of toiletries obtained through awesome CVS extra buck deals.  Then there's just "stuff".
I just wanna say this - is it me, or do I have an over-abundance of pink bins {a.k.a. the plastic bins you get when you're in the hospital}???  Thanks to Peyton's ill-health, we have an awesome supply of free storage containers!  Ok, so I'd rather not have that...but they work.

And on to the "towel" side of the cabinets.
{note: clearly I need to go in here more to straighten things up}

Once again, the cleaning method involved the "keep, toss, or donate" approach. I do have a few more towels to go back in the cabinet after having washed a load of less-frequently used towels, so those will have to go back in.  That said, it's only a few!

It really feels good to get this done.
Clearly my home needed a little TLC!
Clearly spending a little extra time and effort is worthwhile!
Clearly I need to do this more often!
Once I'm through with this challenge, I'm thinking that it's going to make keeping up with the day to day just that much easier.  I'm grateful for this process!

Tomorrow, we're going under the kitchen sink.  Blech.  :(

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