Wednesday, January 11, 2012

21 Days to Organization - Day 3

This week I began a 21 day organization challenge which I found on Pinterest.
On Day 1, I showed you how I cleaned out my junk drawer...and the rest of my kitchen drawers.
On Day 2, I showed you how I cleaned up Moira's computer desk area.
Is anyone else getting motivated to tackle some household nightmares??


Ok, if we're being honest, who has just one cabinet for their plasticware?  It may not even be intentional - it may have just wound up spilling over from one cabinet to another.  I have to admit, this particular challenge was far more challenging than the first two days combined.  I opened the first cabinet and thought well, if I'm going to do this cabinet, then that means I have to do THAT cabinet...and if I do THAT cabinetn...  You get the picture.  In the end, all my lower cabinets {except under the sink} got done yesterday!  I'm still not feeling great {headache, feeling off balance, etc.} and it was far more effort than I really wanted to exert. That said, it got done...except for a few things in the dishwasher that have to be put away.

Rather than the "tupperware" cabinet, I chose to start at one end and work my way to the other.  This is the "baking stuff" cabinet to the left of the stove.


To the right of the stove, we have the pots and pans cupboard.

{note: a couple pots are in the dishwasher, so they'll go on the shelf on the right side}

This is the "I am not really sure what to call this hodgepodge of stuff" cupboard.

{note: this is a now a "small appliance" cupboard!}

This is the cupboard on the far opposite end.  It's kind of a grouping of stuff that didn't fit elsewhere.  It, in and of itself, wasn't horrible.


And now you're thinking, what about the Tupperware cupboard??
Well, I wanted to save that for last.  Here it is.
{note: my big crockpot usually sat in that big empty space in the back left but was moved to the "small appliance" cupboard}
{note: remember that big white container with all the big lids from a few photos up? that still has to be put away - everything is being sorted and the stuff that I'm keeping, including that particular container, is in line to be washed and will eventually sit to the right of the pink "lid bin"} 

So, yeah, this was a lot of work.  I am actually pretty sore today!  Muscles were used in this clean up that I wasn't aware I had.  Crazy!
My dishwasher also got an amazing workout yesterday.  I lost track of how many times I ran it.  The stuff you decide to keep may just need freshened up, so be prepared!
All in all, I did throw out a ton of grocery store-bought plasticware, lids that had no container, and lids that were broken.  I also put a bunch of items in a box for Goodwill.

It feels so good to purge...the house, I mean.

Tomorrow...the linen closet.


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