Tuesday, January 10, 2012

21 Days to Organization - Day 2

Yesterday, I introduced you to a 21 day organization challenge which I found on Pinterest.
On Day 1, I showed you how I cleaned out my junk drawer...and the rest of my kitchen drawers.
Did anyone get motivated to do the same??


So, the rules are pretty much the same as the clean out of the junk drawers from Day 1.  Take a picture.  Clean everything off the top of the desk only.  Create your piles {or bins} for keep/donate/toss.  Clean the surface.  Put things back.  Take a picture.

Here's the thing.  I have two computer desk areas.  There's the built-in in our apartment which houses Moira's desktop.  It is constantly getting cluttered messy.  Then there's the computer armoire that houses my laptop.  It could stand to be tidied up on the desk surface area, but, really, I just cleaned out the top part of it a week or two ago.  Therefore, I focused this Day 2 cleanup on Moira's desk.

Note that Moira's desk is full of "stuff".  There's this awesome shelf above and it's really the only place we have to store stuff like the games pictured, so while I hate that this built-in is seen no matter where you are in the common area of our apartment, it really is our only option for now.  If anyone has any suggestions in this area, please feel free to comment.  Also note: before Christmas, we had almost double what you see here.  Goodwill was the beneficiary of many games.

that is a trash bag on the chair - was already in the process of cleaning around this area
So much junk!!
 So much stuff not in its proper place!!

 I threw out a ton of junk from the top of the desk.  I put magazines and workbooks back into the pink bin on the left which had toppled over and spilled out.  Crayons and markers are in those two little square tins on the left just below the pink bin.  Everything is in its place.  I know the original challenge said this was a "surface only" challenge, but I did go through the drawers and cabinets.  Also, there was a decent sized box sitting to the left for ages which has now been gone through, sorted, organized, disposed of, etc.  That box is gone!

 I spent a little time rearranging the games so that {hopefully} they look just a little bit neater.

I will probably spend some time working on my computer area, but this was it for me today.
I'm still feeling pretty lousy.

Next up...Day 3 - Tupperware Cabinet
Scary...yet exciting!

Anyone else up for the challenge??


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