Monday, January 9, 2012

21 Days to Organization - Day 1

So, I was taking a wander around Pinterest....

I stumbled across this pin:

Well, that intrigued me.  I need to get organized.  Desperately.
I clicked through to the actual website this is from.
That intrigued me some more!

I'm about a week late starting, but I started this 21 day challenge yesterday - even if it's a year after the original challenge was posted by that person - but I'm just doing it for me, so better late than never!!


The rules were to pick a drawer.  Take a picture.  Empty it.  Purge {the drawer contents}.  Clean the drawer.  Organize and replace.  Take a picture.
Get rid of anything not used in the last 3 months, whether that means toss or donate.

I started with the junk drawer and wound up doing all my kitchen drawers!

Here goes!

The original "junk" drawer BEFORE.
Batteries, tape, lighter, clips, menus, corkscrew, plugs, etc.

I put everything into a bin.

Look what was left.  Dead bugs and dust.  YUCK!!
The drawer was wiped clean with a soapy cloth and then sprayed down with an antibacterial kitchen spray.

Far left is the "toss" pile. The middle is the "donate" pile.  The right half of the picture is the "keep" pile.  Uh oh.

The original "junk" drawer AFTER.
What a difference a couple minutes makes!!

Then I thought, why stop there?!?!

Let's start with the drawer to the left of the stove, shall we?!

Same deal - icky, nasty empty drawer was thoroughly cleaned.

note: the staining on the right side of the drawer was there when we moved in

The utensil drawer to the right of the stove.

note: i'll probably cull out the wooden utensils soon

The kitchen gadget/small utensil drawer.
And on to the dreaded cutlery drawer.
note: no, we don't have a serious soup spoon shortage...they're in the dishwasher!
And lastly, the drawer that holds all the dish cloths and towels.
Never an easy drawer to open...or close.
note: about 2 towels and maybe 8 cloths are in the washing machine right now
So...what do you think??
I am so excited about this clean and organized kitchen drawer thing I have going on now!
I have a pretty decent pile of stuff to be donated.
I also threw out a lot of stuff.
I apparently like Pampered Chef....duh!
And if you're curious, the awesomely cute dish towels in the center of the above picture
are from lucylucybangbang {no, I wasn't paid to say that...I don't even know her!}.
You seriously have to check out her Etsy shop.  I have been in love with her dish towels since I found her shop months ago after seeing her ad on another blog.  I finally got a set of three before Christmas.  {one is currently in use}  And because I loved how she sent them to me {all cutely folded and rolled as above}, that is how I store them!

Next up...Day 2 - computer desk.
Yikes.  I'm a little scared.

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