Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spotlight on Missions

Earlier today, I read this post written by {Melanie} one of my sponsors!
I wound up linking to this blog because the post really caught my attention.

Missions trips.
Medical missions.

I have had a heart for missions trips for a long time 
and it is a great desire of mine to actually go on a trip.
I once applied to go on a trip to Kenya with my church, but it was bad timing -
Peyton was ill constantly 
and my mother passed away while I would have been away had I gone!

But Melanie's and Ashley's posts caught my attention because they also have a heart for missions.

I will let Ashley share her story here.

Please welcome Ashley from The Pink Ruffle!


My sweet sister and her husband are going to India in 3 weeks! Remember this post?
Well, this time my sister, Sarah gets to go again but have a whole new experience.

She gets to go with her husband.

Something about serving the Lord in another country with your husband is so sweet and so special.

It is a memory that Grant and I will treasure forever.

Missions are a wonderful thing and is something I believe everyone is called to do whether we do it where we live or in another country.

Doing them out of country is so amazing yet very expensive.

It is expensive for one person to raise money, but for 2?? Double the costs!  They have to raise over $6,000  and guess what? They only have around $650 to go! This is pretty great! But...the trip is in 3 weeks. That is a lot to raise in a short amount of time. If they don't raise it all, they will just pay out of pocket.

So, as I have been praying for my sweet sister and brother in law, an idea came to mind!

This is where you all come in :)
I am going to sell these bracelets for $5.  
There are 3 different styles and a bunch of colors...

100% of everything sold will go straight to Mission of Mercy in helping them pay all their costs of going to India.

My sister has no idea I am doing this, but what a blessing this could be for them! 

You in??

Email me at thepinkruffle@gmail.com

Let me know what number bracelet you want and then you can choose from:
teal, mustard, cream, black, brown, tan or purple

Once you email me and let me know what you want, I will send you a paypal invoice and I will ship out your bracelet the next day if not the same day! :)

If you are not a bracelet person, I have another option too! Go to my SHOP and email me which headband you want and I will sell it for $5.

They leave January 6th, so get your orders in and lets help Sarah and Justin get to India without having to pay anything out of their own pockets.

I know we can do it! :)


Thank you, Ashley, for allowing me to spread the word about this fundraiser for your sister!

I've already ordered mine.

Will you help out too?

Thanks friends!


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