Monday, December 5, 2011

Removing the Training Wheels

By my post title,
perhaps you are wondering if I am going to be speaking metaphorically or not.

Well, the answer is...

The training wheels quite literally were removed
from Moira's bike today!

She is 7...and a half.
I'll just say that since we live in an apartment complex,
it just hasn't been as urgent a thing for us -
We haven't made it a big point in life to get this done.
Whether good or bad, it just hadn't been done.
I try to think that if we had a house with a driveway and a yard
it would have come to mind so much more naturally
to just get out there on the bike and do it.

Regardless of our late timing on this milestone,
Moira successfully rode a 2-wheeler
without training wheels
for the first time yesterday.

My dad is down visiting from Canada.
He got to work in the garage removing Moira's training wheels.

Moira posing with her now-training-wheel-less bike.
The other bike belongs to my Dad.

Out to the sidewalk in front of our building we went.
Dad taught Moira the finer points of getting on the bike and pushing off.

Dad held on to her as she made her wobbly way down the side walk,
squealing and slamming on the brakes suddenly with great frequency.

After walking across the road, the process of getting on the bike and pushing off begins again.

Making their way towards the walking/bike path near home,
Dad teaches Moira how to avoid wooden posts as well as hedges.

Away they go,
Moira gaining a bit more confidence.  Dad still holding on just a bit.

And down she went.
Actually she somehow managed to wind up passing between Dad's legs
before winding up on the ground.

There has to be an easier way to mount a bike.

Further down the path they go, Dad releases his hand a bit
as he runs along beside her.
He lets go.
She rides alone!

Moira was exceptionally proud and excited about this moment in her life!
So were my Dad and I!

All that running alongside Moira left some of us a little tired.

We turned around and headed back up the path towards home,
Moira riding fairly confidently on her own.

No help needed now!

Almost home, we can relax.
She did it.
She rode a two-wheeler by herself!
She is excited and proud.
She is anxious to practice some more.

I couldn't be more proud of my Moira!!

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