Friday, December 30, 2011

Personal Faves: Christmas Morning

It's Friday!!!
I cannot believe that a week ago we were so frantic preparing for Christmas.
Now it's all behind us as we gear up for the new year.

I'll keep it simple for today.
Here are a couple of my favorite images from Christmas morning.

Moira {age 7} sitting at the table all bundled up.
She's anxiously awaiting Peyton so that she can open up all the presents.
She knows that our life is a little different having a special needs sibling -
she can't just wake us up and we all run out and start digging into the piles.
Peyton's needs have to be met first.  And that takes a while.

This is Moira waiting patiently for her sister to come out.
I love the look of eager anticipation on her face!

And here's Peyton {age 5}.
Meds are all done.  Breathing treatments are also done.
From wake up to being out in her wheelchair, it's about 40 minutes at least.
I tried to have as much done as possible before Moira woke up.
Moira wound up waiting about 10 minutes or so til we were done.
Peyton has multiple special needs and is medically fragile.
She's 5 and a half, but she's infant-like.
She has no sense of what Christmas is - or any day of the week for that matter.
You could give her all the gifts in the world - or give her none - and she wouldn't understand.
Moira opens her gifts for her.  There is no reaction positive or negative.
It is exceptionally difficult to capture Peyton in pictures with a smile on her face.
This is what I got - and it's close enough for me!
I love this picture - bed head and all!


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