Friday, December 23, 2011

On The Tenth Day of Christmas...

Welcome back for Day Ten of The Twelve Days of Christmas!
As we're winding down this series, 
I want to thank you all for following along and 
I truly hope you've been enjoying the series that Kelli and I have been sharing with you.

Today, it is Kelli's turn to share!


If you can't tell from all of my previous posts, I love Christmas! I decided to do double duty today: link up with Abbie on her 5 Things about Christmas this week and blog about all the things I love most about it for our tenth day of Christmas! 

 5.) The food- I mentioned this earlier, but I really enjoy not only eating Christmas-type food, but making it. (Click here for a few recipes!) Baking is very relaxing to me, and holiday time around our house entails lots of butter and sugar! I am thrilled to be teaching my older daughter to cook now as well. In fact, at one time we were baking so much, and apparently she was getting things she was learning mixed up. She was singing, "Eggs, milk, and sugar, they are precious in His sight!"
4.) The decorations- This is definitely a shallow, not-spiritual part of Christmas, but I truly enjoy everything glittery and sparkly about holiday décor. I personally don't even mind getting glitter all over the place!

3.) Our church’s annual Christmas party. This is always such a sweet time of delicious food, candlelight, and singing lots of Christmas carols. Our party for 2011 was Wednesday night and we had people from China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Japan and America joining their voices and praising God for the miracle of Christ’s birth. It was truly a sampling of Heaven (much more so than glitter, I am sure!). 

 2.) Time with family and friends- Until three years ago, my husband and our (then) 2 children lived across the street from my parents, and in the same town with about 90% of my (very large) extended family, and a large portion of Ben’s extended family as well. Suffice it to say, although I love Houston, I miss our family so much. Christmas brings time to enjoy each other’s company and is definitely one of my very, very favorite things that comes along with Christmas.
My older two at Christmas 2008 at my husband's aunt's house. My youngest daughter is almost an exact replica of my older one!
1.) Celebrating the birth of Christ. Really, it’s not “Christmas” if we aren’t doing this. It can be a festive time of fun, food, and gifts, but Christmas in its very essence is taking time to remember God’s gift to us. I love being pregnant during Christmas (no, I’m not now!) because it gives me such a tiny, personal glimpse of the hopefulness and expectancy of Mary as she awaited the birth of her first child.

I hope you have enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas series so far. Sarah and I have enjoyed bringing these posts to you each day. 

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I'll be back again tomorrow with my last post in this series.
Please join us if you are able!
I know it's the busiest time of the season now.

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!

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