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On The Sixth Day of Christmas...

Welcome Back!
It's Day Six of the Twelve Days of Christmas series
that Kelli and I have been doing!
Today, it's Kelli's chance to share with you:


I can't believe Christmas is this week! If you have a few extra minutes, here are a few crafts that I love to make. I am a recovering scrapbooker, and have found some pretty fun ways to put that TON of scrapbooking paper to use.

A few year ago, I started decorating dominos. I don't know why- they just seemed like a cute little thing that needed embellishing! I even sold a few complete sets on Etsy- that was fun!

After a year hiatus (I had a baby last November!), I got back to crafting. And I've loved every minute of it! The key for me, though, is to keep it simple. I need something that can be done quickly and cleaned up even more quickly, and something that will be okay if I have to stop mid-project.

So let's make ornaments, shall we?

First, choose some scrapbooking paper. I used this piece for a lot of the dominos- and it only cost about 30 cents! It has many fun patterns on it that can be cut into strips.

Cut your strips of paper to about .75 inches by 1.75 inches. (Use a paper cutter if you have one.)
Then, simply use ModPodge to glue them on to the domino! 
Also add a layer of Mod Podge on top to seal the paper.
You can also embellish them like this:

or this:

Before decorating the flip side of the domino, be sure to add some ribbon or twine under the paper (with Mod Podge, of course!) so that you can hang it from the tree.

Then, if you're really industrious, you can make something like this:

 or this:

Just spray paint a wooden tray or shadow box 
(you can get these at Hobby Lobby or Michael's) and let dry.
Arrange the dominos how you'd like them, then hot glue them one by one.
Start at the top and work your way down.
(Trust me on this- I had the idea to start on the bottom on one, and ended up with a very crooked tree.
Not fun to pull up every.single.domino. with a butter knife!)
Add either a picture hanger or a ribbon on the back for hanging.
This is a very economical craft as well- you can pick up dominoes for as little as $5 during the holidays- and there are a LOT in the sets if you get the Double-12.

When you buy the shadow box or tray, be sure to print out a coupon from Hobby Lobby or Michael's!

Secondly are these embellished pillows. I originally got the idea on Pinterest, and kind of went from there!
You can buy pillow covers at Hobby Lobby, and you still have to buy the pillow form, but then I found the entire throw pillow at IKEA for $4!

Simply cut shapes out of felt, and glue onto the pillow with fabric glue.
On this pillow, I used plates to trace the circle shapes for the ornaments, and found a pattern for the other shape (what is that, anyway?) online. Then, I just used ribbon I had from my scrapbooking stash for the "hanging" of the ornament.

Hope that you have enjoy making these!

What are your favorite Christmas crafts?


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