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On The Second Day of Christmas...

Welcome back for Day Two of
The Twelve Days of Christmas
hosted by myself and

I really hope you enjoyed Day One!
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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you enjoyed yesterday's post by Sarah in the kickoff of our 12 Days of Christmas Series. Today, I am going to share some gift ideas with you. I am trying to be very intentional in my gift-giving this year and not giving "junk" just for the sake of giving a gift. While gifts are by far not the important thing at Christmas, I wanted to highlight some ideas early on in the series, in case some of you need some inspiration! Many of these products I have used myself and can vouch that they are good buys. {And I am not getting paid to say any of this, unless you order through my Amazon links! ;)}
For a wee one:
First off, this baby bathtub. We received one of these as a gift for our third baby last year, and I just love it! It easily fits in one side of the kitchen sink, and you just pour water over the baby and the water just flows through the mesh and down the drain. It is much less messy than other methods we have tried.

 If you have a child in your life- yours or someone else's, they need this book! 
 I remember reading reviews of this beautifully-illustrated book for about a year before I actually bought it, and it lived up to every single good thing said about it! Each and every story, including the Old Testament stories, point to Christ. You can also buy from Christian Book Distributors.
 Next up, a Bumbo! I absolutely loved this with my little girls (they were just coming on the scene when my son was a baby) and we were fortunate enough to be able to borrow one each time. They are pricey, but you can re-sell them on Craig's List. {or buy one from there to start with!}
And lastly, this cute little gem:
  My sweet friend from Nepal has one for each of her children and my kids went crazy over them! Basically, it is a suitcase and mode of transportation in one! It would be great for a family who travels frequently. Store kiddo's clothes inside, and tots around 18 months- 3 years can ride on the top through busy airports, with mom or dad pulling the strap! Genius, I tell you! 
For a friend you really love:
 I love, love, love the Pioneer Woman! I was hooked on her blog from the moment I first found it, and my hubby got me this cookbook last year for Christmas. (He paid full price for it at Barnes and Noble and it took every shred of self control in me not to return it and buy it from Amazon! haha}. Her cooking isn't exactly diet-friendly, but the deliciousness (and her humor!) more than make up for the extra calories.
How about this beautiful hand-knitted head band by my friend Sarah?
It comes in several beautiful colors, can also be worn as a neck cowl, 
and can be found in her Etsy shop here. {Oh, and it's only $6!} I received a jar of homemade sugar scrub from a sweet friend at a Pinterest Party last week. {Oh, yes, a Pinterest Party! I could write a whole post about it!} Anyway, the stuff is fabulous! It's an inexpensive way to give a super-nice gift.
Nontraditional Gifts
If you are trying to reduce clutter (yay for you!) here are some ideas:
A yearly pass for a family for the zoo or a museum in their area. 
 For a single mama (or any mama, really!), the gift of a house cleaning would most likely be a welcome treat, as would a massage, a night of baby-sitting, or a prepared meal brought to her home.
Groupons and Living Social Deals. These really are a win/win! For example, spend $15 to get a $30 voucher for a restaurant. You only spent $15, and your recipient gets to spend $30! How cool is that?
An Amazon Gift card. Really, who wouldn't want one of these? 
{Great for a hard-to-buy-for man!}
How about a blog makeover for a friend? My friend Amanda does a great job!
A movie-night pack. I stole this idea from my friend Nikki.
Fill a basket with family-friendly movies (many of these can be bought for $5 at Target and Wal-Mart), popcorn, Cokes,and movie snacks such as Sourpatch Kids and other candy.
And that's all I got for today!
Now I need YOUR help! If you noticed, there's not a whole lot on here for a man. 
That's cause I got nothing. Not only do I have Christmas, but our ten-year anniversary is December 29th!
Any ideas? Pretty please?
Join us tomorrow for the next installment of the 12 Days of Christmas!
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Love, Kel


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