Thursday, December 22, 2011

On The Ninth Day of Christmas...

Welcome back for Day Nine of The Twelve Days of Christmas!
I hope you've been enjoying the series that Kelli and I have been sharing with you.
I can't believe we are but a few days away from celebrating Christmas!

Today, I'm {kinda} sharing a recipe with you...
"kinda" in that I have never personally divulged the recipe to anyone!!!
I have been making
every single Christmas
since I was a kid...and old enough to be trusted with a mixer and an oven!

It is sooooooo good.
I made my first batch the other day.

My most favorite kitchen appliance ever!

Butter - yep...start with that.


Cream those ingredients together.

Yep.  I've loved this little baby for years!

Looks like I might have added something else...

And mixed that all together!!

Then I baked it.
And VOILA....Scottish Shortbread!!
Ok, if you can duplicate my recipe from those instructions, you're awesome!!

This little bit of homebaked heaven has been in the family for a long long time.
It was kind of "my" thing to do at Christmas as a way to help out my Mom.
But then it kind of became "my" thing.
My sister also makes it...
But this is my thing.  This is what I make every year.
And only at Christmas.
Never at any other time of year.
It is given as a gift,
put out for a Christmas treat,
left for Santa,
and even eaten raw before it's baked {the batter is so yummy!!}

I've made one batch and have the butter out softening for the next batch.
Hey, if you're local to me and need some shortbread to add to your array Christmas cookies,
let me know....I might be convinced to help you out for a small fee!

What are your favorite Christmas cookies??
Let me know in the comments below!


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