Friday, December 9, 2011

My Yearly Makeover

Here's a little randomness for a Friday.

As a mom,
I am sure many of you can relate,
that oftentimes the last person you think to take care of is

You spend countless hours taking care of the kids,
your spouse,
other family members,
even friends,
and possibly people you don't even know!

But the last person you consider helping
is you!!

That's me.

I am always feeling frumpy.
With no style.
No clue how to properly do make up.
Or hair.

I'm just this weird version of a female human
who gets by in the world somehow
with little thought as to any sense of
who I am "stylewise".

I am caught up in a life that involves taking care of
a handicapped child who is also medically fragile.
My life revolves around hers.

I see other very well put together women at church
and I have to say I am a little envious a lot of the time.
Not a good trait.

Still, there are all these lovely ladies I know
who are so stylish
so put together
so confident in themselves
and who have a "look" that just screams "Insert their name here"
that I just don't have.

I'd love some coaching or something.
And the resources to put it all together!!

I mean it!
I don't do "spa" days.
I had a manicure...once...when I got married
and once as a gift from my mom.
One pedicure in my life.
I used to get massages - but it was purposeful -
for therapy because of a very bad back.

I'm so uncomfortable in my own skin.
Very self-conscious about my appearance.
I am my own worst critic when it comes to appearance.
I will readily admit that - whether it is right of me to be this way or not is another issue.

But, alas,
my hair has been absolutely driving me insane lately.
And why shouldn't it have been??
My last haircut was only December 11th, 2010!!!
Yes, almost one YEAR ago.
This is a first for me.
{Why are women's cuts so expensive??}
I've never dyed my hair.
I just get it cut...
every now and then.
I used to be good about every 6 weeks or so
when life was normal
and we had the resources
and I had the time
{or, rather, I made the time}.

I had a gift card from my 2010 birthday burning a hole in my wallet.
It was for a salon called Urban Nirvana.
My well-intentioned husband hoped I'd treat myself to a spa day.
However, my extreme self-consciousness
about being in one of those places disagreed with that idea.

they do have a hair salon.
So I went there.
December 11, 2010.
It was amazing.
Best cut I'd had in a very long time.

But I didn't go back.
Something always prevented me,
even though I still carried a balance on the gift card.

I couldn't take it anymore.
I called them up on Wednesday and thought I'd see
if they could squeeze me in.

{Please, God, don't send me back to the same guy...
'cause I'm totally embarrassed that it's been a year!!}

Sure enough...
they looked me up in the "system"
saw who I'd been to last time.
Checked his schedule.
Yay...he had an opening!!

So, I went.
How the heck could I explain my absence.
And why does going to a hair stylist make you feel this way??

I went in with hair looking like this:

Plain old me in a "modeling" shot for my Etsy shop - winter headband/cowl

That's me most of the time.
Hair too long to know what to do with.
Pulled back in a ponytail
with lots of fly-away strands.
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
Every morning I'd accomplish this look.
With so much to do with Peyton in the mornings,
most of the time I'd let my hair air dry,
which just made it worse.
I did try to do a better job of my hair
if I was going to church or, really, anywhere out of the house.
Let's just say I'm thankful there's no shot of me with my hair down pre-haircut.

So, Wednesday afternoon, I went to the salon.
Ray took care of my nasty hair.
He worked a minor miracle, in my opinion.
Go ahead, scroll back up and check that head shot again.

THIS is what I looked like after my haircut:

The bonus was that we were going to our church's First Wednesday service
right afterwards, so I even had make up on!!
These pics were taken after we got home,
so I do look like I could use a little touch up.

Having a little fun "modeling".

And this is me.
Fresh new hair.
I feel human again.

Now I just need an accountability partner
to ensure it isn't another year
before I'm telling this tale again!!

Too bad I had to give all my blog sponsor people my pic before the haircut.
There were precious few to choose from!

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