Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Guest Post - Alyx from Garner Family Adventures!

Good morning lovely readers!
Today, I've invited one of my sponsors, Alyx {Garner Family Adventures}, to share with you!
I love all my readers, but it's really cool having international readers and sponsors!!
Here's Alyx sharing a recent Christmas experience!
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Hello, Fontenot Four readers! My name is Alyx. I blog over here, I live in Europe (Germany, to be exact), and I take awesome jumping pictures (like this one) in every new place I visit! I'm so excited to be here on Sarah's blog. She's an amazing person, and I'm so grateful for this opportunity! 

Strasbourg, France (taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T3)

Recently, I went to Strasbourg, France. They claim to be the Capital of Christmas, and I can tell you that they deserve that title. If you've never been in Europe at Christmastime, it is something that you need to experience once in your lifetime. Here's why. 
1. Lights. If you love Christmas lights as much as I do, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty that is Christmas markets. 

Strasbourg, France (All photos taken with a Canon Rebel T3)

2. Food. Christmas Markets are really just an excuse to go around to lots of different places and get awesome food. Crepes, for example, were a big hit at this Market. Go here for an awesome recipe. 

One of the hundreds of food stands selling Vin Chaud (Glühwein in German, hot wine in English), a traditional Christmas drink. 

3. Awesome little trinkets. There were thousands of stands at this Christmas market, many of which sold traditional Christmas trinkets and general awesomeness. 

4. The atmosphere. It's Christmastime - everyone is cheerful and kind (well, almost everyone)! There are random events with choirs, bands, and small musical groups. 
5. The architecture. You might say, "Well I can have everything you just mentioned in the United States." Okay, fine. But can you go into a 700-year-old church and listen to an extremely talented Children's choir sing beautiful songs? Or walk by a palace from the 1700s where royalty once lived? I didn't think so. 

Left: Palais Rohan; Right: A random city square. Strasbourg, France

One of the reasons I love Christmas here is that even though it's still hugely commercial, people remember what it's really about. Nativity scenes are prevalent, Christmas is celebrated in schools, and you can greet your neighbor with a happy, "Merry Christmas" without having to worry about being politically correct. Schools give plays that tell the true story of Christmas, and no one is offended, even if they don't believe. It really is a special time of year. 
And in case you were wondering... Yes, I did get my jumping picture(s). 

Don't forget to stop by and say hi! Can't wait to meet you all! 


Alyx, thank you SO much for sharing this adventure!
Love the jumping pics!!
All I can say is I want to go to there.
And how much to book a flight????


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