Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Recap

Christmas is now behind us.
I hope you all had a lovely holiday!

December 26th is the first time I woke up having NOT blogged {on purpose}
in I don't know how long.
I have to say the holiday has left me very fulfilled,
but completely and totally exhausted as well.

In fact, my brain is still in partial shut-down mode,
so here's a pictorial recap of our Christmas.

The birth of our Savior.
First, and foremost, we remember and celebrated what
Christmas is really all about -
receiving the greatest gift ever.
 Roses in memory of our children who have passed.
11 yellow for the number of Christmases without Jeffrey
6 pink for the number of months I carried him before he was stillborn.
1 white rose for the baby I miscarried a couple years later.
Our annual Christmas roses 
Moira standing by the Christmas tree at church.

Serving in the worship choir at church through
six amazing services between December 23 & 24.
(photos from church services courtesy of Sean Barnett - Jeremiah 29:11 Photography)

Worship band with kids front and center for a song featuring children
Worship choir is off to the right side - I am in the middle row 4th from the left (look for red hair)
This is the song we were singing:

One of our worship leaders.
Martin Chalk
Treats for Santa.
Cookies and clementines were left for Santa.
Christmas morning.
Moira waiting in anticipation of opening her gifts Christmas morning.
After making the big mistake of wearing boots with heels through the first two services on December 23rd,
and then serving through four more {different shoes} on the 24th, my feet and legs were SORE!!
My toes were numb and cramped up into what I called my "Vulcan toe" position.
I definitely couldn't separate my toes like this on my own if I tried.
FYI, my feet and left leg are still killing me,
but it was worth it!
My "Vulcan" toes.
Peyton has been sick for the past few days, mostly sleeping all day long.
She was awake and a little more active Christmas morning.
Not today though.  Poor kid.
Love that bed head!
Sweet Peyton
Moira got some new boots for Christmas.  She has has worn these almost constantly since she opened them up on Christmas morning!
Moira and her new boots.
I got my first pair of TOMS for Christmas.
Loving my new shoes!
In love!
I love this appliance!

I also got my second pair of TOMS today {middle pair}.
I used some birthday and Christmas money and got a second pair!
I LOVE these shoes and the company.
Oh, the white pair on the right...Moira used her Christmas money for those for herself!
More on TOMS coming up in a feature soon.  Stay tuned.

That's about all I have to say for tonight!
I hope you all had a safe, happy, peaceful, and most of all blessed Christmas.


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