Monday, November 28, 2011

O Christmas Tree

In our home, the day after Thanksgiving isn't so much reserved for Black Friday deals.
Yes, we did do some of that in years past...but not lately.
This day was supposed to be reserved for putting up the Christmas tree,
as has also been our tradition.
I was completely exhausted after Thanksgiving day. It just didn't get done.
Not on Friday anyway.
But...on Saturday, the tree went up.

Here it is!
The 2011 Fontenot Family Christmas Tree

We have several of these ornament boxes stored in our place.
Several more that haven't even made it out yet - mostly stuff for around the home,
not tree-specific!

Moira was my little helper for a short time.
Apparently there was a need to dress up as Fancy-Nancy-turned-gypsy.
{or something like that}

When I was a child, sometime in the '70s, my grandmother gave my sister and I these huge ornaments with our names on them.  They came from a fabulous Christmas store in Frankenmuth, MI called Bronner's.  Situated in a quaint little German-esque town, Bronner's purports itself to be the World's Largest Christmas Store.  I would believe it.

You can still get those ornaments.
This is a good thing since my cat knocked over our tree a couple years ago,
causing me to find a replacement for that much loved ornament.

Ron, Moira and Peyton each have their own as well.

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love to pick up ornaments from different places I've traveled to.
These include:
*a set of 10 wooden Santas from Scotland
*a painted wooden heart from a small Christmas shop that was in Trump Tower in NYC back in the mid-90s
*a gold maple leaf from Muir Woods - north of San Francisco
*a very delicate glass hot air balloon from Sandia Peak in Albuquerque, NM
*two beautiful fish - one from the South Carolina Aquarium here in Charleston and one from the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta
*a beautiful hand painted ornament depicting a winter scene from Colonial Williamsburg in Williamsburg, VA

I love these ornaments.  So many wonderful memories.

This is Peyton's ornament which we purchased at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC a couple years ago.  Moira has a gorgeous green hummingbird from the same trip.

This is Peyton's souvenir ornament from when my Dad, Moira and I went to Disney World last March.

My former boss from when we lived in Houston, TX makes ornaments each year for her staff.  This is a sampling of my "Brenda" ornaments.  I love these ornaments!

The tree is done!  So many special ornaments and memories.
I'm running out of space on this tree!

There is a very special section of this tree which holds very dear memories.
It's the section for our stillborn son, Jeffrey.
We place ornaments on the tree in his memory each year.
There are also lots of angels on our tree representing him and his little baby sibling miscarried a couple years after we lost him.

A little stained glass angel next to a silver baby bootie.  This was purchased at Bronner's when I was pregnant with Jeffrey.  Little did we know.

Angels everywhere.

A very special ornament.
I purchased this for the Christmas following the loss of Jeffrey.
His name and date of death are engraved on the back.

So many memories wrapped up in this tree.
Some sad.
Mostly happy.

The tree is up and we will enjoy it for the next month.
It adds a little something special to our daily lives right now.
A reminder of the family aspect of this season we are in now.
May this year hold many wonderful memories and blessings for our little family.
And may your holiday season be filled with many as well!

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