Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Firsts #4

friday firsts
chronicles of the first time i ever tried....
making yarn ornaments!!

Last night, I decided to get to work on a little Christmas ornament project.  I had one idea in my mind, but I wasn't able to find exactly what I needed, so I improvised a little.  This is a first attempt, so don't hate!!  After all, the title of this post is Friday FIRSTS!!

I gathered all the supplies I would need:
various colors of yarn (I chose two for this particular ornament)
hot glue gun
styrofoam balls
little bitty ornaments to apply

I took the first color and wrapped around the styrofoam ball in the center and glued in place.

I made a loop and glued the end of the loop in place.  Remember, you have to hang this ornament!

I grabbed a second color of yarn and began wrapping the yarn around the styrofoam ball.

It was a bit before this point I realized, after alternating sides I was wrapping around, that it was gonna get tricky to do the ends of the ball and then finish it up.
This is one area of the execution of the project that needs tweaking.
Friday FIRSTS...remember?!?!

I did a little improvisation to fully fill up the ball with yarn and then brought the strands up to the middle where my original loop was.  I twisted the yarn around the loop {to hide a little not-so-prettiness} and cut the yarn and glued it in place.  I glued yarn in various spots all the way around so it wouldn't slip.

This is what it looked like at the end of the yarn-wrapping.
Holding it up, it kind of resembled Princess Leia on the sides since I had to do some crazy improv to fill in the side spaces!
I also had a bunch of hot glue threads to clean off the ornament.

Then I glued on some of the little ornaments.
They were strategically placed to cover up some "ugly" spots.

Love the little snowflakes!

So there you have it.
My first attempt at a yarn ornament.
I learned some stuff along the way:
hot glue HURTS
twisting the yarn around the ball this way isn't ideal
I maybe should have gone with the first idea and not improvised using styrofoam balls??

Ok, so it's not horrible.
Since this blog is about me being real and genuine with you,
I figured I should share this anyway.

I have more styrofoam balls
and more yarn.
There will be more attempts.

Hopefully the next ones turn out a little nicer.
But, you know what...

I think this one will still go on my Christmas tree.

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