Friday, November 18, 2011

The Carpenters: An Adoption Story

Friends, I want to share a story with you all today.  It's a story of love and God's grace.  
It's about adoption - a process that a friend of mine is right in the middle of right now.
I would like to introduce to you my friend Jessica as she shares her story:


We are the Carpenters: Travis and Jessica, Austin (almost 5) and Justus (just turned 1).

We are in the process of starting an adoption for a little girl from Asia.  We believe God is leading us to adopt a little girl from Asia, most likely China, who may have a mild special need such as a clieft lip or palate or minor heart condition or extra finger/toe, etc.  We just completed our second step in the process of submitting over 75 pages of adoption paperwork to Bethany Christian Services.  So, we are now waiting to being our interview process to complete our homestudy. 

About ten years ago, my husband and I started dating.  The first week we were dating, we talked about a shared interest in adopting a child someday.  We both had close friends who had been adopted and had up close perspective on what an amazing experience this had been for them.

Well, life happened.  We kept imagining that some day we’d have the money to adopt.  However, this summer, we realized we will probably never have an extra $20K in our bank account.  But, God told us that it was time to start the process.  We took a few months to pray and dig into scripture and general adoption research. 

Within a few weeks, we realized that this was a “YES” for our family.  So, we were ecstatic!  We also realized that God was telling us to not just focus on our family; but to truly learn more about the entire orphan crisis that includes adoption, foster care, supporting orphanages, etc.  Further, we believe God has lead us into a deeper understanding of who God is and why we should do this.  God has gently flipped us upside and taught us about our own adoption as Children of God.  Heirs to the throne of the King of the Universe.  He has also taught us that without a firmly rooted foundation and identity in Chrsit, that we are not capable of any of this.  But, because of His love, we love.  Because of His relationship with us, we relate to others.
So, our heads and hearts have been spinning for the last several months.  We are so grateful, so overwhelmed and just humbled by the dump truck of God’s grace.  We cannot wait to meet our little girl. Every week at our church, we have the chance to light a candle and pray for her and her birth mom.  We can not wait to bring her home!  Thanks for reading our story!

All is Grace! 


Thank you so much for sharing your story, Jessica!

As many of you know, I have a little Storenvy shop
where I sell little knitted goodies.
I really felt God leading me to help Jessica in some way, even if it's just a small way.

I am officially launching a little fundraiser for the Carpenter's adoption fund.

Purchase any reusable coffee sleeve from my shop for the $4 selling price
{plus shipping; note: colors are not limited to what is pictured on my shop - just let me know an idea of what color you'd like in the "comments" section when ordering!} 
and I will contribute $3 from the sale of each to the Carpenter's fund!
Not only will you be getting a really cool little "coffee snuggle" {as my Moira calls them},
but you will be truly helping this family in achieving their desire to bring home their little girl!
Buy one for yourself!  They also make great stocking stuffers!!
'Tis the season!

Please consider helping!
Thank you friends!

Button up and help spread the word!

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