Monday, November 14, 2011

A Blessed Weekend

This weekend is all a blur now!
But it was a great weekend.

Saturday and Sunday were spent with my fellow worship choir people
singing at three services in our main Worship Center over those two days.
{I 'borrowed' this picture from a tweet I saw yesterday!}
If you're looking for me, I'm 2nd from the left in the middle row.  Ha!
My husband is the guy in the congregation about 1" over from the right edge of the picture - 
front row, long sleeve red shirt, hands in pockets.
If you don't go to my church, this shot only shows a small representation of the size of the congregation.

The set list for this weekend featured six songs.
Well, technically 5.  But one of them was sung at the beginning of the service
and then again at the end.
Here's a youtube video of the song which is now permanently engrained in my brain!
Good thing I LOVE this song!!

Then I spent a bunch of time knitting.
On Sunday evening, I went over to my friend {and blog sponsor!} Hilary's house
for a Holiday shopping open house
where I featured some goodies from my shop!
These seemed to be big hits:

It was a very busy weekend,
but an enjoyable one.
Lots of praise and worship and fellowship.

I'm looking forward to a good week ahead.
How 'bout you?

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