Saturday, November 19, 2011

39 Random {And Embarrassing} Facts About Me

Today is my {ahem} 39th birthday!!

I thought I'd celebrate the day with you 
by sharing some facts about myself,
some informational
some perhaps a little funny
some embarrassing.

But it's my birthday and I'll do what I want today!!
And as you read through this lengthy list,
just be thankful I'm not turning 50!

1.  I was born in Ohio to an American father and mother who was a British subject (she was born in Scotland and moved to Canada at age 7).  I have dual citizenship - American and Canadian.  {Bonus fact: my children were born in Texas and I applied for, and obtained, Canadian citizenship for Moira!}

2.  My full name is Sarah Jane {Hansen} Fontenot.  I am named for my my aunts {Sarah and Jane aka Jean}, mother's mother {Sarah}, my mother's mother's mother {Sarah Jane}.  {Bonus fact: going back several generations in my mother's family, there has always been a Sarah and a Jane in the family.  Moira's middle name is Jane, and she is her generation's "Jane".  Someone needs to have the "Sarah" for that generation though!!  What are you waiting for, people??}

3.  It is "Fontenot" as in, kinda like "fun to know".  Fon-te-NO.  It is not FonteNOT.  Thanks to the Cajun ancestry of my husband's father's family, we have a last name with a silent "t" on the end.  I've almost given up correcting people at this point in my life.  At least it wasn't that would have been interesting!  {Bonus fact: I was not 100% wanting to give up my maiden name, so my post-wedding social security card has my maiden name on it...which also caused a problem in my first year filing taxes as a married person, but that was quickly remedied!}

4.  I had a ginormous crush on Erik Estrada as a child.  CHiPs anyone???  Later on, I grew up and my tastes became more refined as I developed adult infatuations crushes on Ralph Fiennes, Joseph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth.... {anyone noticing a trend there??}

5.  I saw the movie "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" EIGHT times in the movie theater.  And before you go thinking I was crushing on Kevin Costner or Christian Slater....think again.  It was Alan Rickman, baby!

6.  Way back in my last year of university, the Toronto Blue Jays made it to the World Series.
At this time, there was an episode of Saturday Night Live which featured a sketch about the game.  In the sketch, actor Mike Myers {fellow Canadian} sings the Canadian national anthem.  He really botched it up.  It really irritated me.  I thought, if you can't sing it right, don't!!  So I wrote a letter.  {This was probably the first of my many scathing letters I've written to complain about things.}  So, did you know that sometimes actors actually receive their fan mail...and sometimes they actually read it...and sometimes they have feelings about what you wrote...enough to take the time out to look up your phone number and CALL YOU PERSONALLY to discuss what happened?!?!?!?!?!  Yeah, that actually happened to me!

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

7.  On a trip to New York City with my cousins, we split up one day.  My favorite actor, Ralph Fiennes, was on Broadway in his Tony-award winning role as "Hamlet".  My cousins weren't interested in seeing it, but I sure was.  I walked my little self from the hotel to the Belasco Theater and sat myself down and watched in awe as my favorite human being of all time walked onto the stage.  So enthralled was I in his amazing portrayal, that when the curtains closed and lights came up, I walked out of the theater and back to my hotel, absolutely on cloud nine...only to later realize it was only intermission!!  It became a long-standing family joke that I enjoy only half of Shakespeare.  That was's ok to let it go now!
Oh My Gosh, people, what is NOT to love?!?!?!
Source: via C.R. on Pinterest

8.  I went to university at Brescia College, which is affiliated with The University of Western Ontario.  It is the only all-female school at the university level in Canada.  And it is run by nuns.  Strict nuns.  Ok, maybe not Vatican I strict, but strict nonetheless.

9.  In my life, I've only had cats and fish as pets.  Mostly cats - Fluffy, Smokey, Skippy {aka Donald}, and Azrael.  Azrael is still with us.

10.  Way way back, when I was younger...I went to see a comedic hypnotist.  Well, long story short, it would appear that something drove me to go up on stage.  At some point in the process, I wound up singing my own version of this song {you'll have to listen beyond the ad at the beginning}:

Let me just say that a) Not a fan.  b) Had NO clue I even knew the lyrics!!

11.  I took Scottish Highland dance lessons for many years.

12.  I took organ lessons for many many years.

13.  I was the nerdy awkward kid in school from 4th - 8th grade.  You know...the one that got beat up and made fun of all the time {literally...that's no joke}.  So, do you think #11 and #12 above helped or hurt??

13.  I once worked for 9 months as a "site secretary" for an engineering company right smack in the middle of a steel mill in Gary, Indiana.  Not a town I'd choose to revisit but it was definitely an experience.  I lived in a hotel in a nearby city for 6 of those 9 months.

14.  I have been friends with my best girl friend {that's female friend, as opposed to girlfriend!} since 4th grade.

15.  I met Ron on the interwebs...long before the advent of online dating services.  Back when the internet was a strange and curious mystery with these places called "chat rooms".

16.  My grandfather on my father's side died the day after John Lennon.  My great grandmother {that grandfather's mother} died in the morning not long before the Challenger blew up.  I was home and saw that live on tv.

17.  I have been to the Grassy Knoll.  I have been to the Texas School Book Depository.  I have been to the site of the Oklahoma City bombing.  I have been to Columbine High School {outside anyway}.

Oklahoma City Memorial - July 2005
Columbine High School - Littleton, CO - July 2005
18.  My mother and I went to Scotland once.  We had a connection at Heathrow.  We discovered that it was totally possible to get off the plane from Canada at Heathrow and make it outside the airport building without going through Customs!!  I will blame it on poor signage, but we followed where we thought we were supposed to go and made it outside the building without clearing Customs...then had to backtrack to redo our entrance to the UK legally!  This was pre-9/11.  And pretty scary that that could be accomplished with no one noticing!

19.  I have 1 sister.  I am 1 of 18 grandchildren on my mom's side.  I am 1 of 12 grandchildren on my dad's side.

20.  I love Yanni.  There.  I said it.  I am, of course, referring to his music.

Source: via Lana on Pinterest

21.  I have an uncanny knack for grasping/picking things up with my toes.  Moira seems to have inherited this trait.

22.  When I tell you I would like some Smarties, you'd better be giving me these

and NOT these

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

23.  I have spent Christmas in Las Vegas and I have spent Easter in Las Vegas.  I love me some Las Vegas and really wish I could get back again SOON!  {Site note..I am not a gambler!}

24.  Ron was my first boyfriend...although when I was 16, someone asked me to be his girlfriend "to keep his mind off his studies".  His mother thought that would be a good idea.  That was after the one "date" I had with him.  My first date.  To a hockey game.  Where I got to sit behind him.  And his father.

25.  We took a family vacation to Florida in March 1982 to visit relatives.  While there, we were privileged to have been able to watch the space shuttle Columbia launch live and in person.  This would later {2003} become the second space shuttle to explode.

Me - 1982 - Age 9
Space Shuttle Columbia as seen on our vacation to Florida in March 1982
26.  I have met Canadian Olympic figure skaters Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson.

27.  When we were kids, my sister and I were photographed during a ballet lesson.  This photo was used for years in the local community newspaper which announced all of the sports, dance, music, etc. lessons available to the community over the summer.

Me (left) and my sister, Jeannette circa 1976 or 1977 or so.
I'd be about 4 or 5 in this picture.  Note how my shoes are on the wrong feet!
28.  Pre-university graduation jobs included working at a gas station for 6 weeks; teaching beginning organ lessons; being a runner {aka gopher} for a small law firm; secretary in an engineering company {the same one I worked for post-graduation}; working for a summer in a lab in the forestry department - literally reared caterpillars then killed them and smashed them to turn them into a natural virus to help control the gypsy moth population.

29.  This is really just random trivia than something about me...but it is funny.  Last year, Peyton's homebound school providers included an occupational therapist named Buffy and a physical therapist named Jodie.  If that weren't funny enough, one of her home health nurses name was Sissy.  We also have an Uncle Bill.  And this year, the school has a new principal - Mrs. French.  And if you just read this and you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about, you may want to visit this site.

30.  I have a bad habit of falling up the stairs.

31.  I can't hear as well when I have my glasses/contacts off.

32.  My earliest brush with fame - meeting The Irish Rovers.  The who, you ask?  I don't non-Canadians know about them???
My sister {Jeannette}, Me & Will Millar from The Irish Rovers
33.  Aside from The Irish Rovers, my early concert-going experiences include Englebert Humperdinck, Gowan, Glass Tiger, Corey Hart, Barenaked Ladies {when they opened for Crash Test Dummies...before Barenaked Ladies released a real album}, Crash Test Dummies, and Billy Ray Cyrus.  Can I just once again refer you back to #13 above???

34.  Vegas Baby.  I love Vegas shows!!  I have seen the Cirque de Soleil shows KA {at MGM Grand} and Love {at the Mirage}.  I have seen Blue Man Group twice {at Luxor}.  I have seen Dana Carvey with opening act, indie musician Geoff Byrd.  We've done the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur twice.  We Saw Rita Rudner live at New York New York.  Met her and got an autograph.

35.  I have traveled to Mexico twice {on short-term cultural learning mission experiences}.  I have been to Scotland.  I have lived in Canada and in the United States.

36.  It's my great desire to attend a blog conference.  Praying for a Blog Sugar 12...'cause I was so inspired by all the stories coming from bloggers about Blog Sugar 11!

37.  I once fell through the ice while walking across an ice-covered ditch on my way to school in kindergarten.  Not deep but freezing cold water!

38.  In keeping with my klutziness, I once fell in a 6 foot hole.  You see, in summer school between 8th and 9th grades, I was taking grade 9 typing class.  {Do they even offer typing anymore??}  The front door to the school wasn't open yet, so a few classmates were sitting on this low concrete ledge {"seat" height", separating the concrete from the grass area} that ran alongside the concrete area in front of the school.  In front of this was a storm sewer type of thing with a big heavy metal square lid.  Seems someone in the class thought it would be interesting to turn the lid so it rested on an angle to the big square drain opening {imagine a man hole only square}.  I arrived at school and saw my "friends" there.  I walked over.  Didn't see this opening at all.  I never knew it existed until this point in my life.  I don't know if they assumed it would wobble if someone stepped on it or what...but I'm here to tell you it didn't wobble.  I have no memory of the event itself, but I stepped on it, went down the hole and the lid came crashing down on top of the hole.  Let's just say it's a good thing I wasn't any taller...'cause that could have been devastating.  On the way down, somehow the corner of that heavy metal lid gouged out a quarter-sized chunk out of my lower left leg...right down to the bone, taking a little bone chip too.  I have no idea where that chunk went.  The weird thing is that it did no damage to my black stirrup pants or the knee high socks I had on either.  And, yes, I did just use the words "typing", "stirrup pants", and "knee highs" all in one short story to describe a singular event in my life.

39.  Above all, I am a friend, daughter, grand-daughter, sister, niece, cousin, aunt, wife and mother.  I am a blogger.  I am a seeker of the Truth.  I am a reader of the Word.  I am a Christ-follower.  I am His.

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