Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rocktoberfest, Bloggers & Sponsors In Real Life!

Our family had a very busy day today.  It started out with a soccer game for Moira in miserable, chilly and windy weather.  Despite the chill in the air, the Sweet Kickers played their little hearts out and won again!!  One more game left in the season and this team remains undefeated!

After soccer, we came home to warm up a tad.  Then it was off to church for "Rocktoberfest".  This was a fabulous fall festival for the family which featured live music, games, activities and fun for all!  Wow, that was a lot of f's!  Moira played games, had her face painted, got a couple tattoos {temporary of course!}, rode a pony, held a bunny, and had a lot of fun.

Here's Ron and Moira in a pillow sack race:

Ron and I also enjoyed the festivities.  I took a small shift with a couple ladies at the Sisterhood Mornings table where we were doing face painting and tattoos for the kids.  Our shift wasn't very busy at all, but I enjoyed it all the same!  We walked around and checked everything out.  I got to see a lot of friends and had fun looking at all the hand made goodness that people were selling!

My friend and lovely blog sponsor, Hilary, from Paint, Bake & Create was there!  I got to check out all of her beautiful wares.  Friends, Hilary is SO incredibly talented.  You really need to check out her shop and buy some things from her!!  She paints.  She makes gorgeous hair bows.  And just look at that wreath!!!  Isn't it spectacular?!?!?

Then there was the beautiful and so very talented April from Worship Artist Ministries!  She is also friend and blog sponsor of mine!  April is just so incredibly gifted.  I absolutely love her paintings, but she had journals, prints and other lovely things for sale.  I just love April's artwork.  She has such an incredible gift for capturing the Spirit in her work.  I just love watching her do live art during worship services!

This is "Peyton's Field of Flowers", painted by April.  This was our gift to Peyton last Christmas.

And then there was Jessi from Naptime Diaries!  She's pictured with April in the above collage and with me below.  Friends, can I tell you that I just love Jessi?!  She has such a beautiful heart and I have to tell you that when I decided to shift the focus of my blog in about May of this year, it was Jessi who was my inspiration.  It's Jessi's writing about her love of the Lord, life, and her family that really and truly inspired me.  I found her blog through her mom's blog. Her mom, Debbie, is very involved in our Sisterhood ministry at church and I have come to know her over the past year or so and I met Jessi in person for the first time a few months back.  I love Jessi's gift for inspiring others.  I love her Etsy shop full of scripture prints.  I think I have favorited most of her prints on Etsy!!

My one regret for the day is that there was just no money in the budget for buying anything today.  Big sad face.  I am so sorry ladies.  If there had been, I'd have bought something from each of you!!!  I love your work and hope to be able to afford something from each of you someday soon!

A great time was had by all.  It was awesome once the sun peeked through the clouds and warmed things up just a little.  It was a great day.  I'm so glad we got to do all of this today.  I'm already looking forward to Rocktoberfest next year!! 

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