Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday - 8 Weeks Into Diet

weigh-in wednesday
diagnosis: high cholesterol
clinical goal: intake of less than 200mg cholesterol per day to reduce bad cholesterol by 10/20/11
personal goal: drop 20 lbs by 10/20/11

Back on July 20, 2011, I posted a personal plea to all my blog-world friends for healthy recipes, tips, websites, etc. after I had been diagnosed with fairly high cholesterol.  I'm still willing to take suggestions, so please link up in the comments here!!

I am still using MyPlate to help me track everything that's going into my mouth.  I haven't been quite as diligent about tracking everything...but I'm trying to keep up with it!  

results (as of 9/14/11):
actual weight lost/gained this week: GAINED 0.4 LBS 
* * *
actual weight lost/gained since 7/20/11: a total of 13.15 lbs LOST!!
* * *
accountability on cholesterol intake: I am still very  successfully keeping my intake under 200mg per day; I have been having slightly more in my diet than previous weeks but am keeping it in the low to mid-100's at the highest!
* * * * *

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I was starting to feel like I am getting back on track.  However, as I've closed out this "diet week", I'm finding my motivation to be lacking seriously.  I've not been exercising as much, so I do need to increase that.  I did actually go to the gym in our apartment complex to use the treadmill.  I also did a 5K walk with Ron one day as well.  That was a workout!!  I really need to make the time to get back to our little gym.  It's much more effective than just doing the Wii Fit!

I am in a slump food-wise.  Veggies just don't excite me all that much, so I'm losing interest in them quickly.  For budgetary reasons, our menu has been pretty limited, so that's putting a damper on my motivation as well.  Sigh.  

Please send up some prayers for me that I can get out of this slump.  I only have until October 20th - just a little over a month away - which is when I return for follow-up bloodwork to see if my cholesterol levels have improved.  I really want them to improve significantly so I can avoid going on medications for this!

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