Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering a Nation Changed

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September 11, 2001.

A day that is forever engrained in my memory, as it is  in the memories of millions of people around the world.
I recall exactly where I was.
On August 14, 2001, we suffered the stillbirth of our first baby - a son - Jeffrey.  I had gotten so ill to the point where I could have died.  Instead, we lost the baby.  A couple weeks after that, I encountered physical pain I'd never experienced.  For days.  Pain that eventually sent me to the hospital.  I had a massive pulmonary embolism and was, once again, facing the possibility of death.  I survived.  After several days in the ICU followed by a few more in a regular room, I was sent home.  My mother was visiting while all of this was going on with me.  I was laying on the living room sofa.  She was preparing my breakfast.  We had CNN on the tv.  The images began to unfold before our eyes.  Live as it happened.

A senseless tragedy that ten years has not allowed the world to forget.

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One that united a nation in a time of great mourning.

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One that brought people closer to God.

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Or perhaps maybe distanced them from Him.

A horrific nightmare that tore apart families; parents lost their children; children lost parents; grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins; friends.  Babies were born afterwards, never to know their fathers.

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Heroes were born...and died...on this day.

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Acts of bravery and self-sacrifice when they knew that it might lead them to their death.

People jumping from windows of the towers to their death because they did not know what else to do.

Regular people leading regular lives.
Confronting a situation in a truly selfless way.
They called loved ones for a final time.
They acted in faith that they could prevent the tragedy from being worse than it was already going to be.

A city was forever changed.

 As was a nation.

There was a call to duty like no other.  People longing to protect this great nation of ours from anything like this ever happening again.  Men and women both.

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A love for this country was stirred up like never before.
People sought to protect her.
They still fight to protect her ten years later.
So many lives have been lost in the process.  And for their ultimate sacrifice, I am truly grateful.

God bless the heroes of 9/11.
God bless all of those souls that were lost on that day.
God bless the countless lives that were (and still are) impacted by what happened that morning.
God bless those who have put their lives in harm's way trying to protect our cities and our nation - firefighters, police officers, homeland security, our military, and so on.
God bless our leaders whose job it is to protect our country from ever having to go through something like this again.
God bless this great country and the people in it who strive to make it the wonderful place to live that it is.

Praying for all those people affected on 9/11 on the tenth anniversary of such a tragic event.

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