Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

Congratulations on making it to the end of another week!  I hope your weeks have been filled with an abundance of blessing and that you have a good weekend ahead planned!

I thought I'd just be "light" today.  I had some random thoughts rolling around in my brain, so that's what I'm going with in this post!  Nothing too deep for you today!!

First...I can't believe September will be over in a week!  Where did the month go?  I have had an amazing group of sponsors on my blog this month.  Thank you all SO much!!  Do any of you fellow blog or shop owners want a sponsor spot on my right side bar for the month of October?  It's absolutely FREE.  Click on the "Sponsors" tab above or read HERE for more details.  I'll take any number of sponsors, but I'll give the first four people to respond an opportunity to do a guest post!  Contact me at sjfontenot72{at}gmail{dot}com if you are interested.  I'd love to have you!!

Second...I recently introduced you to my friend Paula who is most anxious to get the funding for an amazing piece of adaptive technology for her students with autism.  The link to her Donors Choose site is HERE.  If you are able to give, I know she would greatly appreciate it!

Third...My Etsy shop has a few new items in it.  It's still just a tiny little shop with simple items, but I'm excited to have added some new stuff for you to check out!!  I was kind of inspired by the fact that fall seems to be in the air {kind of}.  We actually turned off our A/C for a few days and I got excited that this could be it!!  Well, it warmed up just a little and got humid and the A/C went back on.  BUT...out of that little glimpse of fall came the urge to knit up one of these:

There's over 40 different colors of this yarn available, so if you are interested in one, you can check it out HERE and indicate a color choice in the comments section!

Then I was thinking that soon enough, morning coffee won't be just to keep me awake so much as it will be to keep me warm.  Yesterday at my Sisterhood Morning meeting I saw something that inspired me to search for a pattern to make one of these:

This little coffee sleeve was a lot of fun to knit up!  It reminds me of a bulky winter sweater.  Again...tons of colors out there.  This just happened to be what I had on hand.

Then I thought, hey, there's got to be more than one pattern out there, so I came up with this:

This coffee sleeve was also a fun little project!  I actually ran over to the clubhouse of our apartment complex to get a coffee in a disposable cup just so that I could test out this project.  Guess what??  It WORKS!!  The cup was absolutely scalding hot without a sleeve on it.  But I added this little baby and it was perfect to hold!

Not into coffee???  It'll work for any hot beverage of your choice!!

AND...guess what??  In order to help out my friend Paula, through the end of the month, I am donating 50% of the cost of any items sold in my shop to her Donors Choose project, so now is a great time to get hooked up with some hand knit pretties!!

That's all I've got for today!!  Have a great weekend everyone!!

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