Monday, September 5, 2011

My First Goodwill Experience!

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I finally did it!!  I finally scraped up $20 to take to Goodwill to see what I could find for myself.  I'm very short on clothes and nothing is remotely stylish.  We just don't have money in the budget for new clothes...ever.  I need a full make-over, but not sure how that could ever happen.  Anyway, we decided after church to take that $20 and head on over to a local Goodwill store for the very first time.  I had no idea what to expect really.  I wasn't sure what we'd find...if anything.  I know when we've culled out the closets, it's stuff I'd never wear again.  It's never stuff that is top on anyone's list of fashionable clothes.  If all donaters were like us, we weren't going to find much at all.

We spent a pretty decent chunk of time.  Ron sifted through the menswear department while I roamed around ladies wear, which was about 3/4 of the store.  Moira bounced from one of us to the other while we browsed.  We even checked out the kids department, but there really wasn't anything good to speak of.

Ron found tons of stuff and he's vowed to not buy brand new clothes ever again.  But since we only had $20, and the goal initially was for me to find stuff, he picked out only a couple items.  Here's what he found.

How 'bout that...a shirt from Seacoast Church {our church} and a pair of Dockers slacks!

Ron loves getting t-shirts, so when he found this church from Seacoast Church, that was the one item he just had to have.  We chuckled over the fact that a church shirt had found its way to Goodwill.  It's like brand new.  It's a heavy knit shirt and is in pretty much brand new condition.  The Dockers, I swear, could not have been worn more than once or twice.  In fact, I'd almost swear they'd never been worn.

Dockers slacks...$3.79

I don't know how much the t-shirt would have cost, but let's go with $10.  Currently at Kohl's, you can find the same pants on sale for $39.99 (Regular $49.99).  Total, I'm guesstimating would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $49.99 for both items based on Kohl's current sale on the pants.

SAVINGS = approximately $42.41!!!

And then there's my finds. I managed to get a whole "ensemble"!!  Check this out!

Black "Ellemenno" brand t-shirt, black boots, and a pair of "Seven" brand legging style jeans!!

Modelling my new outfit!  SO excited!!

Striking a pose in my "skinny jeans"
{I feel like I could be on the Seacoast worship team ~ not just choir ~ in this outfit!}

Wow.  I never in my life thought my name and the term "skinny jeans" would ever come out in the same breath!  Ok, so how did I fare on this outfit??

Seven brand jeans...$4.99

Again, I don't know how much the t-shirt would have cost.  It appears to have been a brand carried by Mervyns.  Lets just go with about $15.  I have no idea.  Could have been $20 for all I know.  Or $10.  Who knows.  The boots do not have a brand name on the inside or on the sole.  So, again, this cost in the real world is a guesstimate.  I'm going to say approximately $40.00.  I can't really find anything similar, but "inexpensive" mid-calf boots at Kohl's are averaging about this price right now.  And now the Seven brand jeans.  Does anyone out there realize how completely ridiculously expensive they are???  The closest in style to what I found at Goodwill runs $178.00 on the website for Seven jeans!  I'm sorry, but there is NO WAY on God's green earth I would EVER pay $178.00 for jeans...especially when they are legging-style skinny jeans (which have less material involved!).  So...if i were to go out and buy a similar outfit, it would have cost me somewhere around $233.00 based on the guesstimates on the boots and shirt.

SAVINGS = approximately $219.23!!!

Ron's clothes - $7.58
Sarah's clothes - $13.77
no tax - $0.00!!!
TOTAL = $21.35

Ron's clothes - $42.41
Sarah's clothes - $219.23

I don't know about you, but I really really like that I saved $261.64.  Can you imagine if I'd actually paid the full retail cost?  I can't...because I would never have done that!!

Thank God for Goodwill.  We're hooked.

We'll be back!!

I think this qualifies as another 1% change in my life.  What do you think?
Spending less money on "necessities" without breaking the bank!

{oh, by the way, I had a spare $1.35 hanging out in my wallet to cover the overage from the $20 we were going to spend}

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