Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet A Sponsor...Myriah Mae!!

I met the lovely Myriah Mae this week through a link up over at Call Me Blessed.  This blog has a weekly "We Encourage" link up where readers can post blog stories on {you guessed it} encouragement!  I posted.  Myriah commented on my post.  I later posted a call out to readers advertising for free sponsor spots on my blog and she responded.  I offered my sponsors the opportunity to write a guest post here as part of the deal.  So, without further ado, I give you Myriah Mae!


Hi, I’m Myriah from Myriah Mae.  I’m SUPER excited to be one of Sarah’s first sponsors on this adorable little blog of hers.  Thanks Sarah for the spot!

I am the wife to an amazing man, I LONG to be a mother and am trusting in the Lord and waiting on Him for this longing to become a reality, and ABOVE ALL THINGS I am a daughter of the King and a lover of my Lord.
I love God because He first loved me.
~1 John 4:19
My hubby and I got married 3 years and 3 days ago, we then built a little house, got chickens, planted in some dirt, and started an “American dream” of our own adorable little Farmette.

  We started trying for babies (we want LOTS of babies)…..
This “But God” has become our motto.
I have PCOS, I can’t get pregnant right now, maybe with fertility treatments (I’ve been on some, not working so well), maybe never….
We LOVE our home that we built…but we are having a stirring in our hearts for missions…..
We have a new desire for adoption in our hearts (this is something I never saw myself considering), I have a new feeling about it….not a complete desperation to be a mom but a complete sense of broken heartedness for children that need moms….
We have put our house on the market (in this bad housing market) because we feel God’s calling and leading.  We are laying it all on the altar to God to see what He has in store for us, to see how He will use us….
We are thankful to God, praying, and trusting in His leading completely.
We are excited about this journey we are on with our King…at times it is full of heartache, pain, and trials, BUT GOD  has us in His loving arms the whole time.
Come on over to my blog and join us in prayer on this journey to….parenthood?? the mission field?? both?? where ever God leads!
Galatians 6:9
thank you to Melissa Koren for all the amazing wedding pics.


Sarah here ~

Isn't Myriah just lovely?!?!  I love her post!  Myriah, know that my prayers are with you and your husband on your journey.  So thankful to have *met* you and look forward to continuing our friendship!

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