Friday, September 9, 2011

Goodwill, Take 2

I said I'd go back...and I went back!!  To Goodwill, that is!

Last Sunday, Ron and I went for the first time and were very excited with our finds!  This week, I packed up a bag full of too-small children's clothing and headed off to not one, but two local area Goodwill stores.  Different ones than last Sunday's location.  I wondered what the different locations would have.  I dropped off the donation bag at the first location.  In exchange for the donation, I received my tax receipt which also had a 10% off coupon attached at the bottom.  It's good for 7 days after the date of the donation.  That said, I had already torn the coupon off the tax receipt and gave it to the cashier when I paid for my goods purchased at location #2 and she never asked about the date of the donation.  

I didn't have much of a budget for purchases, so I only purchased two items.  Here goes:

I got Moira a pretty skirt.  She loves dresses and skirts.  This one is far longer than her other skirts, so it is a great addition to her fall wardrobe!  It is "Faded Glory" brand, which is a Wal*Mart brand.  I cannot find it online, but judging by the pricing of that particular brand, I will guess it was about $8.00.  I found Ron another pair of brand new Dockers.  These ones are basically the same color as the other pair, but they are pleated rather than flat front.  Again, brand new in Kohl's right now, they are currently running $39.99 on sale.

girl's skirt...$2.99
10% Discount...-$0.68
no tax...$0.00

Dockers - $36.20
Skirt - $5.01
10% Discount - $0.68
SAVINGS = approximately $41.89!!!


Ron's clothes - $78.61
Sarah's clothes - $219.23
Children's clothes - $5.01
10% discounts - $0.68

So, in one week's time, I have saved $303.53 on clothing by shopping at my local Goodwill stores rather than paying retail!  Amazing deals if you just take the time to look!!  And just for the record, there is no week where I would ever spend over $300 on clothing just on a whim!

As for me, right now I am ransacking our apartment looking for anything and everything which can be donated to Goodwill (on separate trips) so that I can get some more 10% off coupons with donations!

Have any of YOU found any amazing deals out there that you'd like to share?
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