Saturday, September 3, 2011

Daily Wisdom Challenge Recap - Week 35

*the quality or state of being wise knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight.
*scholarly knowledge or learning.
*wise sayings or teachings; precepts.

Things I learned from the Daily Wisdom Challenge this week:

Ezekiel 4 To what lengths do we go to show our obedience to the Lord? Sometimes obedience puts us well out of our comfort zone.  (Ezekiel 1 - 4)

Though we may not see the destruction that our sins may cause, the Lord sees. We will be held accountable one day.  (Ezekiel 5 - 8)

Ezekiel 12 Do we live as though God's Word was meant for a future generation? STOP - it is meant for us HERE and NOW!!  (Ezekiel 9 - 12)

Ezekiel 14 We need to be cautious about what/who we choose to idolize. The idols we set up in our hearts can lead us directly into sin.  (Ezekiel 13 - 15)

Ezekiel 16 How sad and angry it must make the Lord when people turn their backs on Him, forgetting all the rich blessings He has given them.  (Ezekiel 16 - 17)

Ezekiel 18 Each person will be held responsible for their own actions-neither your parents nor children will answer for what you have done.  (Ezekiel 18 - 20)

Ezekiel 22:27 Do we follow leaders who are righteous or do we look to those who are driven by the love of money or other non-Godly pursuits?  (Ezekiel 21 - 22)

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