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Weigh-In Wednesday - 2 Weeks Into Diet

weigh-in wednesday
diagnosis: high cholesterol
clinical goal: intake of less than 200mg cholesterol per day to reduce bad cholesterol by 10/20/11
personal goal: drop 20 lbs by 10/20/11
Back on July 20, 2011, I posted a personal plea to all my blog-world friends for healthy recipes, tips, websites, etc. after I had been diagnosed with fairly high cholesterol.  I'm still willing to take suggestions, so please link up in the comments here!!

I am really intent on achieving the goals above.  If I do not lower my cholesterol significantly, I will be put on medication.  Ugh.  Who wants that?!?!  I began a new 1% change back in July which, for me, really amounts to more of a 90% change because it's life-altering for me and it needs to be done now!  

I began using an online tool called MyPlate to help me track every last morsel that goes into my mouth each day.  You can set calorie goals and weight loss goals and the site will keep a running tally of how many calories, carbs, fat, protein, cholesterol, sodium and sugar you consume in a day.  I even kept track of everything while I was in the hospital with Peyton last week.  I do have a goal of losing weight since that will help my cholesterol, but the main thing I am looking at is keeping the cholesterol count below 200 mg per day as well as keeping within my allotted calories.

results (as of 8/03/11):
actual weight lost/gained this week: unknown for this past week (couldn't weigh in each day at the hospital)
* * *
actual weight lost/gained since 7/20/11: 7.75 lbs LOST!!
* * *
accountability on cholesterol intake: I have successfully kept my intake under 200mg per day; most days I have managed to keep my intake under 100mg per day!
* * * * *

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I am really proud of myself for the weight loss.  I have been too heavy for too long and this 1% Change is way overdue.  Even when I didn't have all the healthy food at my disposal in the hospital, I still counted everything honestly.  I cut back in various places when the numbers don't look like they're going to add up well for me for the day.  I am even exercising!  Ok, so it's Wii Fit, but considering I'm working up a stinky sweat doing it, it does count!!  Actually, on this website, you can track fitness, and Wii Fit is an option to select!  It will tell me how many calories you burned for the number of minutes you exercised.

My Mii on the right.  Moira created a Mii for my Mom (on the left) a long time ago, so it's kind of nice to do step aerobics with her in the virtual world since she's no longer with us.

I am eating healthier.  In addition to high cholesterol, I have a vitamin D deficiency, so I'm having to drink Vitamin D enriched milk, otherwise I'd probably skip the milk altogether.  I start my day off with 1 cup of milk and oatmeal.  For me, it's 2 packets of Harris Teeter brand apples and cinnamon oatmeal.  Sorry - 1 packet will not last me very long.  That said, I'm counting 2 packets and I know for the rest of the day I will have fewer calories available as a result.

Most lunches lately involve making this delicious smoothie:

Grab your blender!
Add 1/2 cup apple juice
Add slightly less than 1/4 cup milk (you can use soy milk instead and that is also very tasty!)
Peel a banana, break it in half, and toss it in!
Grab your favorite frozen berries  - I added about 2/3 cup frozen strawberries and about 1/3 cup frozen pineapple chunks

Blend until it is thoroughly mixed.

This glass is the entire batch.  It's pretty filling...for a while.  The best part is I can create a meal online calculating the nutritional value of this entire recipe based on exactly what I put in (note, I used whole milk to calculate these values).
In case you were wondering:
Calories: 244
Fat: 2
Cholesterol: 2.5
Sodium 43.5
Carbs: 55.54
Fiber: 4.16
Protein: 3.33
Sugars 40.22

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