Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday #2

I began what I hope to have as a weekly segment last week.  I think it's really important sometimes to just stop and reflect on the past days or so and just remember the things that went really well for us.  When times are tough, the good stuff often gets overlooked.  So, it is time once again for:

thankful thursday

This week, I am blessed by the following things:

*this blog
for having a creative outlet to express my faith
for the new bloggy friends I've made
for the chance to hopefully reach out to someone who needs to hear something I have to share

*Peyton's homecoming
that Peyton's doctors felt that she was well enough to return home last Friday after four days in the hospital

*MUSC team
for an amazing group of techs, nurses, physicians, medical students, residents and all other medical staff involved in Peyton's care while she was in the hospital
for the non-medical personnel who strived to make our hospital stay as comfortable as possible - the volunteers, administrative staff, and housekeeping staff who probably often get overlooked

*Blue Cross Blue Shield
for Peyton's primary insurance provider, who have authorized the purchase of a proper custom wheelchair for Peyton after we had such a terrible time after having been denied for a particular more stroller-like system which was then covered by Medicaid, which then turned out to be 100% inappropriate for Peyton, leaving us with no recourse and no chair for her!

for all the support on the homefront while I was at the hospital with Peyton for almost 5 days
for a loving husband who does so much to care for our family

*Seacoast on Sunday
for there being just enough time in between services so that Ron could take Moira to the 9:30 service (she was on worship team), get home, and allow me to get to church for the 11:15 service (we had no nurse for Peyton!) - heard an awesome message, saw a lot of friends at the 11:15 service (we normally all go to 9:30), completely unexpectedly ran into a new friend and awesome lady, and was surprised by another awesome lady with the gift of a casserole for our family to enjoy in this post-hospitalization time (so very thankful!!)

*First Wednesday
I love love love love love First Wednesday at Seacoast!!
Missions Dinner - inexpensive delicious meal at church with the hubs before service = cheap date!
amazing music, reflection and time of prayer!!!
incredible message by Pastor Joe Champion

*High Cholesterol
yes, you read that right...I am thankful for high cholesterol
it has forced me to quickly change my diet and eating habits
since 7/20/11 I have lost over 8.5 pounds!

for always being faithful and loving
for getting our family through yet another trial
for never failing
for giving me grace when I fail and for always being there to show me the right path
for gracious healing

Psalm 50:23 (NLT)

23 But giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors me.  If you keep to my path,  I will reveal to you the salvation of God.”

What are YOU thankful for this week?
Have a wonderful week ahead!

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