Friday, August 26, 2011

Goodbye My Little Friend

Today I am making a 1% physical change.  Actually, I'm not even sure it amounts to a whole 1% in the overall scheme of things, but I'm making that change today!

Remember the post about this?

Cyst on my left elbow

I have this crazy little cyst (or something) on my left elbow.  It is pea-sized.  It moves.  In one direction.  You can move it all around counter-clockwise, but it doesn't move clockwise.  The general surgeon I saw thought it was a ganglion cyst that is rooted in the joint capsule, which she thought should really be seen to by a plastic surgeon or orthopedist.  I saw a plastic surgeon recently and he is removing it...TODAY.  He's not sure it's a ganglion.  I am not sure he knows exactly what it is.  I've also been having issues with paresthesia in my arms, predominantly on the left side, for a few months now.  The surgery is going to be in an OR under general anesthetic.  Should be about an hour total (probably only 20-30 minutes for the surgery itself depending on what he finds).  While he's in there, he's going to look at the ulnar nerve to see if something is going on there.  A nerve conduction study showed really nothing to be wrong, but it is possible that this little tiny cyst thing may be inflamed enough to now be causing some pressure on that nerve, causing the paresthesia.

I'm in the middle of writing ahead on my blogs (it's actually 8/19/11 as I write this for 8/26/11!).  The surgery is, however, today (in your real time) 8/26/11.  I have to be at the hospital for 5:45AM!!  That's just nuts!!  I am assuming that I will not really be up to blogging for a few days, but don't want to abandon the blog, so I got ahead!  I'm not nervous.  I'm anxious to have this over with.  I've had this little thing probably for three years if I'm being honest.  It just finally got to the point where I've been so annoyed by it for so long that I finally decided to have it taken care of.  I'm always taking care of Peyton's needs, but decided this need needed to be met too!  It's right where you lean on your elbow.  Imagine a situation where you might find yourself leaning on your elbow....yep...that irritates it to no end and ultimately winds up causing some amount of pain.

So, goodbye my little friend.  You've been a most unwelcome guest in my joint for too long.  I'd like to say it was fun getting to know you, but as they say, "Good riddance..."  I wish you well in the outside world and on your journey to pathology where someone can examine you and see what you're really made of.  I'm sure you're just nothing.  Just a tiny little nothing whose sole purpose is to irritate and annoy.  By the time we're through, I will be scarred for life, but some relationships do that to you.  Farewell my "friend".

(yes, this is still the cyst I am talking about!!)

Please say a little prayer today.  I'm sure it will all go smoothly, but I would appreciate the prayers!  Thanks!!

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