Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Firsts #2

friday firsts
chronicles of the first time i ever tried....
a knitting an adult...without parental supervision or instruction...AND completing it all on my own!!

{But before I get into that, our family could use some prayers.  
All the details are over HERE.  Thank you so much!}

Yep, it's that time again.  I am once again bringing you a post on something that is a "first" for me!  The more into the Word I get and the more "simple" I am trying to make my life, the more I am seeing that there's so much out there waiting to be learned and explored - much more than I could ever imagine.  Ok, I already realized that - but as far as me actually venturing forth and trying those things...not so much!  I'm not sure I can make this a weekly segment, but wouldn't it be nice if I could really commit to trying one new thing a week?!?!

Casting on. I wonder what this is going to be???

A successful first few rows!

Looking good!  Almost ready to finish knitting!

Casting off.  Thank you for the quick tutorial!

Look at all that soft knitted loveliness!

Oh, but it's not done yet!!

Voila!  My first knitted project.
Here, let me model it for you...

Excuse me, I wasn't quite primped/styled for modeling!
It's a cowl...

...or a stylin' headband for those cold winter months
that are not as far away as we think!
(pardon my psychotic looking eyes!)

View from the top!

Any thoughts?  Comments?
(I think it turned out alright!)

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