Thursday, July 21, 2011

Veggie Tales

It's game on.  I'm on day one of trying to reduce my cholesterol significantly!  I have three months or else be put on medication for it.  No thanks!!  I had the obligatory bowl of oatmeal for breakfast along with some tea.  Once I got past breakfast, the only cholesterol I'd injested was in the milk that I drank (I am also apparently fairly vitamin D deficient and have a whole regimen for that now as well).

So now it's lunch.  As the doctor said, if it moves, it has cholesterol.  I am allowed 200 mg of cholesterol per day.  When you look at nutritional values on food, you can see that 200 mg doesn't go very far if you're not doing your homework!

At Ron's suggestion, here's what's for lunch.


Bags of frozen broccoli, red/green/yellow bell pepper mix, and 
long grain white rice to start.  I said this was easy.  I'm sure fresh ingredients 
and whole grain brown rice would be better for me.  Working with what I have!

Throw some rice on to cook.  I LOVE my rice cooker.  It cooks
perfectly every time!

An assortment of seasonings to throw in the mix later.

Stir fry the frozen veggies in a skillet until they are tender
Add some seasonings - I added ginger, a tiny bit of ground red pepper, and a Chinese 5 spice mix.
Toss with soy sauce and reduce heat.

Add a glob of crushed pineapple.  Pineapple chunks would work  too.

When the rice is done, add to the stir fry mix on the stove and blend well.

Lunch is served! easy was that???  And you can totally play around with the recipe.  
This is just what I chose to do today.  
Who knows...maybe next time it'll be different.


Oh...and I'm still interested in hearing from you about your favorite raw or vegetarian dishes or recipe you think would work well on a low cholesterol diet!  Add your links in the comments below.


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