Friday, July 15, 2011

Reminder for All You Ladies!

Ladies.  Please take just a moment out of your day and ask yourself this question:

"When did I have my last well-woman exam??"

If you can't remember, you haven't ever, or you're due for one and have gotten one of these from your provider in the mail...

...please do yourself a huge favor and pick up the phone and schedule that appointment!!

I lost my mother to breast cancer almost one year ago, towards the end of last July.  Breast cancer.  Yes, she was diligent with screening.  Yes, she caught it early.  Sadly, things didn't go the way we'd hoped.  That said, when she was diagnosed a few years ago, I was on the phone first thing the next morning with my OB/GYN's office asking them to set me up with a referral for my first mammogram.  I was 35.  I have had 3 and am fast-approaching the due date for my 4th!  I'm monitored closer than most women my age because of my family history.

Pay attention to your health.  Attend an annual well-woman exam.  Get a mammogram as soon as you are able.  *A base-line at 35 is highly recommended and then annual after age 40, unless you have a family history. (*note: I am not a doctor, but this is what I have read!)  Having had 3 mammograms now, I would gladly take the slight discomfort of that procedure over and over again than to face the alternative.  Maybe it's not the same for all women, but for myself, it's not the pure torture that I've often heard it made out to be!

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