Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Netflix, You're Forcing a 1% Change!


Ok...so maybe I'm not the person to break this news to you.  BUT...if you are a loyal Netflix customer like we are, you're about to get nailed with higher prices.  A CNN Money article reported today that the giant dvd rental company is shifting gears by charging for streaming video and physical dvds coming to you through the mail.  Your cost is going to increase significantly if you choose to keep both options.

I probably need some time for the shock to wear off from all of this so I can adequately digest how my entertainment is going to be affected!!

But seriously, maybe this is a little wake up call to another 1% change in my life!  I'm a big Netflix consumer.  I probably spend far more time catching up on tv shows I never saw when they were actually running, and watching the occasional movie.  A couple years ago, our family gave up cable entirely in a cost-cutting effort.  Instead, we replaced it with Netflix, which was considerably cheaper and gave us exactly what we wanted.  But maybe it's time now to take a look at how much of my life is being consumed by what this giant has to offer.

How much could my life change if I altered my tv/movie consumption?  How much could my family's life change?  What changes am I willing to make?  What am I willing to give up?  What could I be doing instead?   I used to be a really avid reader and now I can't focus enough to finish a book quickly at all most of the time!

What about social networking?  I stay at home.  A lot of my "personal" interaction with the outside world is through Facebook!  Ok, so I cannot easily give that up...but I can change what I'm doing with it.  I think it's been a short while now, but I think somewhere along the way I started changing the content of my status updates.  A lot of times, if it was in my head, it was my status.  How much to people really care??  Do I really want people to see me as really being the person I am in the way I update my status sometimes??  I don't update my status much at all now except for my insight for the Daily Wisdom Challenge (aka "twitter bible study") and the odd or funny little observations of life.

I said in a post the other day that sometimes I think I need a Facebook Intervention.  Well, it probably goes for Netflix as well.  So...1% change is due.  I'm going to do some thinking on this and start by finding out how I can change my life for the better in the midst of this breaking, life-altering news.  As for blogging.  Yep...still gonna blog!!  Not giving that up!

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