Friday, May 6, 2011

Daily Wisdom Challenge - Week 18 in Review

Eighteen weeks into the "Daily Wisdom Challenge" (a.k.a "Twitter Bible Study")!  I am engaged in a "chronological" reading plan in which I am reading the entire Bible over the course of 2011.  I have been enjoying both the challenge of actually keeping up my daily Bible reading as well as trying to gain insight from what I've read.  I have been read the daily verses as outlined in my reading plan for the past several weeks.  Each day I post insight on the readings in 140 characters (or less!) to the DWC blog, as well as to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Let me re-cap Week 18 for you in case you did not see them on my Twitter or Facebook page.  I'll throw links in for the biblical references so you don't even have to dig up your own Bible if you don't want.  These are just my own reflections.  I hope they are useful to someone other than myself.  Please feel free to comment with any of your own bits of wisdom!  

Week 18 - Daily Wisdom Challenge Insights
by Sarah Fontenot

Day 120 - Ps 103 Amazing to think that God's salvation was for those before us, is for us now, and is for all those yet to come.  Psalms 102 - 104

Day 121 - 1 Chron 12 Just as God supplied David with the army he needed, God will supply all that we need to fulfill the plan he has for us.  2 Samuel 5, 1 Chronicles 11 - 12

Day 122 - Ps 133:1 "How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!"//Praying this is something we can all strive to achieve.  Psalm 133

Day 123 - No matter how badly/how many times we stumble God pities us and hears our cries. His is unfailing, everlasting love from age to age.  Psalms 106 - 107

Day 124 - 1 Chron 16:11-12 "Search for the Lord and for his strength; continually seek him. Remember the wonders he has performed..."/needed this 2day  1 Chronicles 13 - 16

Day 125 - Ps 23 God is w/us even through dark times. He comforts/protects us. He loves/blesses us every day of our lives and will do so forever.  Psalms 1 - 2, 15, 22 - 24, 47, 68

Day 126 - Ps 96 Go out into the streets, community, nation, and world and proclaim the greatness of the Lord so that all will come to know Him.  Psalms 89, 96, 100 - 101, 105, 132 

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