Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Bread of Idleness

Proverbs 31:27 (English Standard Version)27She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Testing out my green thumb on some thyme, lemon basil and lime basil.  God bless them - they are still alive!

I've been following the blog of a new friend lately.  She is so inspiring with everything she writes.  I was recently inspired through her with the above verse from Proverbs.  I struggle all the time with keeping up with the house.  I'm constantly overwhelmed and exhausted.  I have no energy.  No motivation.  I'm spent.  She recently tweeted a picture she took of a laundry basket on the bottom of which she'd written this verse.  I have to admit that I did the same thing.  It's motivating!  To see that verse in the bottom of a laundry basket each day means that each day that basket is empty!  I've always kept up with the laundry - getting it done at least.  This bit of motivation in the bottom of the basket means, for me, that when I see it, all the laundry is folded.  I'm still struggling with the getting it all put back where it belongs part, but one thing at a time, right??

This piece of motivation from Proverbs has been very much on my mind in the past week.  If you've been to my place lately, you know that I'm not Susie Homemaker.  Well, I try.  I CAN cook.  I CAN clean.  I just lack energy.  Stuff gets "surface clean" for company.  Bathrooms ARE cleaned regularly.  I can't say my place is always "company ready".  I guess like anything you do, good or bad, the longer you do it, the more it becomes a habit.  Well, I'm breaking that habit.  I'm trying.  I'm really trying.  For the past week, most every day, I will set my sights on ONE thing.  Just one.  And it gets done.  The key, once it's done, is to KEEP it that way.  I've now tackled a few big problem areas and I'm enjoying the results of my labor!  I look back to the living room where the laundry is piled and I am not so happy, but then I turn around and face the areas that are finished, and I feel joy and pride in my accomplishment.

I now have this verse committed to memory and I think about it constantly as I go about my business at home each day.  Thanks for the inspiration to do this, Jessi!!

If you've been to my home, perhaps you never knew there WAS a huge counter by the sink.

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