Friday, April 15, 2011

Hooray for Normal!

If you know our family or have read a few things here or on Peyton's CaringBridge page, you will know that our lives are anything BUT normal.  Yes, most everything we deal with is "normal" us....but to the outside world, what we deal with is so out of the realm of most everyone's experience as to be considered abnormal.  I have often found myself longing for just one day of "normal".  Yesterday, I think I got just a little piece of it!!

Peyton had a dental appointment yesterday.  A lot of special needs kids have, well, special needs teeth!  There are often dental issues associated with various conditions, medications, and so on.  Peyton's no exception.  She's a grinder.  She grinds so badly that she's had four of her top teeth pulled already.  It's difficult to get in and brush her teeth.  She can't do it herself.  She can't spit.  She most certainly cannot risk swallowing anything because of the risk of aspiration.  She sees the dentist every 3-4 months so we can keep on top of any issues that might be looming out there.

The check up itself, logistically speaking, can't really go the way a "normal" child's appointment would go.  However, they have their process and it works.  For us, anyway.  When the dentist came in to check on Peyton, he was so happy with how her teeth and gums look!  I was shocked.  Yes, she has horrible wear and has ground a few of her teeth down to nubs.  But he said everything looks great - nothing requiring any immediate intervention.  Intervention for Peyton means a trip to the oral surgeon and dealing with the issue in the OR under general anesthetic.  I told you our "normal" isn't "normal"!  The dentist was so pleased, he must have commented at least five times about the "stellar" job we are doing with Peyton's oral care!!  We discussed the two bottom teeth of Peyton's that fell out on 12/31/10 and 1/13/11 all on their own.  He thought that was great.  In fact, he said that was NORMAL!!!!!  "Normal".  If ever there was a word I've been longing to hear out of a doctor's mouth, it's the word "normal"!!  We discussed those teeth, what to expect after her two current loose teeth fall out, and so on.


Talk about being able to end the appointment on a high note!!  Except that wasn't quite the end...

Peyton wet through her diaper and pants (for the second time on this excursion) and had to be changed.  Once she was back in her wheelchair the nurse was pushing her between the dental chair and the counter where all the equipment is.  Peyton then struck a pose while strapped into her chair, a pose that would be the envy of any Cirque de Soleil performer (she's very low tone, so is incredibly flexible....the likes of which many people have not seen).  She then kicked out her foot, and all at once a water line opened and began gushing forth, water going EVERYWHERE.  Paper towels were not enough to clean up this flood.  The nurse and I laughed as we were both in shock over what happened.

We left the clinic, a little wet, and went on our way.  Yep....this is "normal" and laughed.  And as for "normal" - GOD gave us our "normal", and it is perfect in His eyes.

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